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Combine Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Rules.

The SWC-IRC network is the community base for the Star Wars Alternative Universe Simulation game SWCombine.

The main channel for the community is #swc-members
For questions about the network or IRC related help, use #help
For SWCombine related help topics, use #swc-help
For trading, use #swc-traders
For roleplaying, use #swc-ic

Most factions have a channel as well, starting with #cmg- followed by their name or an abbreviation. However, access to many channels is restricted so be sure to check with the faction if this is the case beforehand.

v If you want to register a channel please use "/cs help register". Be advised any channels the IRC Operators see unfit will be removed immediately. Also, channels starting with #swc- may not be registered without an Operator's permission.

At any given time an IRC Operator can deny any user the benefit of using parts or the full chat service if improper behaviour on behalf of the user is noted. This includes such violations such as repeated floods, spamming, mass-invites, channel advertising, or connection of excessive clients. Also, any player banned in the game is generally denied access to the server as a whole or the official IRC rooms (the strictness of the ban will be interpreted by the Operators as seen fit on case-to-case basis).

No form of channel bots, war bots, trojan zombies or eggdrops are allowed unless you have a specific permission by a server administrator or the owner. Permission can be requested by mailing the scripts to chat@swcombine.com for review. Only do this once you are certain the bot will not harm the server or in any way ruin a user's experience on the chat server.

Automated scripts may not be used in the public #swc- channels without the founder's permission. Excessive swearing, recruitment, and discrimination are not permitted in these channels, to be assessed by the founder and channel operators.

IRC Operators have almost absolute power, and if you irritate them be ready to face the consequences. Complaints against IRC Operators, as well as channel operators in #swc- rooms, are to be brought up with Syn.

Note: Always check the MOTD for a more up-to-date set of chat rules and for a current listing of IRC Operators.

(You can see it when first connecting to the server, or by typing /motd and pressing Enter.)