Type: Manufacturing
Founded On: Year 17 Day 143
Leader: Coleman Rendar
Second In Command: Alleria Liadrin
Recruitment Liaisons: Coleman Rendar, Alleria Liadrin
IRC Chatroom:

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Once home to spacefarers and explorers, Viraxo served as the transportation and logistics arm of the larger Mecrotica Conglomerate. As transporting goods became costlier and less profitable, Viraxo adapted by transitioning their business model into manufacturing and production. Operating out of the Phu Sector, Viraxo maintains hundreds of factories and dozens of shipyards across multiple star systems dedicated to producing quality products at affordable prices. In addition to supplying military-grade hardware and support vessels for its partners in the Mecrotica Conglomerate, it also provides hundreds of vessels for sale under the Mecrotica banner.

Since its creation, Viraxo has retained management of all Shipyards, Factories, and Dry Docks inside the Phu Sector. Unemployment rates in the sector has hit record lows as wages continue to rise due to the vast business opportunities present in the Deep Core. Great care is taken by Viraxo to ensure the thousands of workers under their banner receive the best pay and benefits anywhere in the galaxy. Workers receive free medical care from Xucphra, access to entertainment and commercial establishments from Mecrosa, and guaranteed security from external threats under the watchful eye of the Mecrosa Order.

Manufacturing everything from starships, vehicles, and technologies such as items and weapons, Viraxo never sleeps. While rarely selling directly to the public, Viraxo products are regularly offered for sale through the Trade Federation Marketplace and through Mecrosa, the conglomerate’s trade division. Viraxo’s entire product line carries the same quality standards as any other product offered for sale by Dac and Alysia Kain, Executive Directors of the Mecrotica Conglomerate. Fueled by the blood, sweat, and tears of Director Coleman Rendar, Viraxo has grown into a thriving and essential part of the Mecrotica Conglomerate.

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Datacards Owned:
Ships Droids Items Weapons Facilities Stations
Toscan 8-Q Starfighter
T-wing Interceptor
BN-D0 Assassin Droid
Riot Shield
Stouker Concussion Rifle
Dry Dock
Naval Shipyard
Research Centre
Trading I
X7 Factory Station
Shipyard II
Shipyard III
Shipyard IV
Shipyard I
Merchant Space Dock