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Year 8 Day 230 12:14
Been trying to join for several days now. First application I sent was with a mispelled email. The email Im using is bgifford@centurytel.net, however, the first app I used bjgiff. This is the email I was given when I got this dsl connection, so it isnt a free email act. Did get a responce when I used the instant mesg thing at bottom of the help page where all the diff emails are given to try and contact someone. So if someone could give me a hand, I would like to join.

Year 8 Day 230 22:32
If you provide the full handle and e-mail address you first used to register, as well as the correct one, someone can change it for you.



Year 8 Day 231 10:11
The handle I used was Huma DragonBane, correct email is bjgifford@centurytel.net, thought it was diff but that is it. Appreciate it

Year 8 Day 231 23:53
That handle does not exist. However, you also did not provide the original e-mail address you used to register, that I can look up in case the spelling of the handle varied at all.



Year 8 Day 232 0:07
The original handle spelling was Huma Dragon-Bane, original email was bjgifford@centurytel.net.

Year 8 Day 232 10:41
Ok, tried to send a new join page, told me the handle I used couldnt be used, so I changed the handle to Ariakus Soth, email is still the same as original

Year 8 Day 232 13:02
All right, if you reapplied then you just need to wait for someone to have time to approve join requests.