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Archives » A question regarding the future of hostile terrains.
Isabella D`Este

I would like to ask to the admins involved in this, and anyone else that might know, if the expected rules regarding hostile terrains will only revolve around PCs and their need to equip protective items.

Will this also apply to NPCs at the same time that it is implemented for PCs? Or will the effects on NPCs be added later as with the stun cuffs issue?

Will the new rules affect only the ability to travel on foot in this planets or something else? I would expect matters such as income and building in this types of planets to remain the same, or at least if something bigger is projected, a decent time to get prepared :)

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David Kellar

And or will it affect the structure of buildings.

i.e. will the atmosphere eat away at buildings, or will it cost credits in upkeep, etc

Kyle Rainer

It will only involve PCs to start off once NPCs can be equipped it will apply to them as well. For the initial release it will only affect those on foot in the planets. This might change though.

Riax Tardes

I have more questions :P

The first question that pops to my mind is the relationship hostile planet/hostile terrain. If the planet is cold, is it ok to live in the forest? What are actually the safe/hostile terrains? I prefer to have somebody tell me than to possibly guess wrong.

Are mountains or desert different on a hot planet than a cold one?

Do facilities protect you against all hostile effects? What about unpowered facilities?

What about vehicles? I assume ships do, but you never know, the hull may corrode in toxic atmosphere.

What about cities? Will we have atmospheric generators? Will these factors affect facility income?

What about different races?

How quickly will you die?

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Tyr Tulon

I basically had the same questions, but I noticed
Phase I: Release Rules for Hostile Terrain Effects.  
so I figured it's probably be best to wait until the rules come out, then ask questions about the parts that aren't clear.

Isabella D`Este

Well, the last time rules for the new A&E system were released it was at the same time it was implemented. I am just hoping this will not happen with this.

Riax Tardes

I definitely think we should keep in mind the need for a period of grace between releasing rules and implementing them. Like 2 months. It can make all the difference between harmony and anarchy.

What is wrong with you people? If the rules were available, they would be posted!

If they aren't posted, then they aren't done! Show some damn patience. Or just go get yourself survival gear anyway, and make use of the extra notice!


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Riax Tardes

I just don't want to find out at any point in the future that 50 of my NPCs located on various planets in the galaxy will die within 1 week due to implementation of new rules.

Read Kyle's reply directly above yours, Riax.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Jeb`el Ras

Immediately implementing rules that make it harder for you to kill someone else is one thing, implementing rules that can kill you or your NPCs with no warning is something else entirely. Why wouldn't they be concerned about something like that? It's not at all unreasonable to ask for a grace period between announcing and implementing a rule that fundamentally changes how you play the game.


' ' ',
` Jeb`el
Moebius (co-founder)

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But that's not the question they asked, Jeb. The questions that were asked were about specific elements of the rules, that have not been released yet.

It's already been stated that the rules will be released first, at which point people can freak out about them, and how little time they'll have to get ready.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
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