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Year 11 Day 112 3:56
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
As a rough ballpark figure, how many piles of RMs is their in the combine right now?

Year 11 Day 112 4:22
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
I'm pretty certain you can't request IC information via OOC sources...seriously man.

Year 11 Day 112 18:11
A lot?....

Year 11 Day 112 22:35
Over 9000!

Year 11 Day 112 22:49
Nah, 1006!

Year 11 Day 112 23:25
.... Well take a guess?

Quoting ME :) ----- Answer; A LOT! 

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Year 11 Day 113 2:20
are you counting the piles containing single units? or do they even constitute as a 'pile'?

Year 11 Day 113 6:33
Year 11 Day 113 7:10
NO way! I thought I owned the only unit... Thanks.. REALLY thanks! :(

Year 11 Day 113 10:37
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
My meaning is more to do with how many piles are their to people in the combine, its a simple DB related question I would hope :S, depending on the number would prove whether or not building with someone else RMs is ever feasible in the combine environment, if its a ridiculously high number then it would be unfair to expect someone to be able to guard every single RM pile in their possession from theft AND use by the thief.

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Year 11 Day 113 11:03
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Extrapolating our own number, I'd say over 100,000.

Year 11 Day 113 17:58
Perhaps the IDs of the pile are an indicator of the number of piles ? If then, it's almost 700,000.



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Year 11 Day 113 21:23
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
Seeing that ID numbers aren't recycled that number is far less.