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Year 11 Day 251 17:34
I just want to say this game is awesome. Never been a huge Star Wars fan, but this game will most definitely change that.

I spent yesterday reading up on the game and these questions came up:

When will battle be completely implemented? How is it implemented in its current state?

When will Espionage be allowed inside of actions? I'm personally not interested, but it'd be wicked to RP a character that was set up.

I remember reading about R&D and by the description seemed there will be ways to make technology in the near future. Am I correct?

Oh and again, this game is awesome! :)

Year 11 Day 251 19:05
Soon tm


Year 11 Day 251 19:37
Combat is in the works. First stage is player vs creatures and should be released within a month or two barring any unforseen problems. Further combat (player vs player, ships vs players etc) will come out later as its coded, tested etc.

Spying is already possible. There is no server based way to do it - you have to join the faction you want to spy on and work your way through the ranks to get the info (and there are other ways to do it, but this is the main one usually).

R&D will allow the creation of the ability to build newer and better stuff, but at the moment its being held off on until combat is at least partially in.


Year 11 Day 251 19:43
Thanks for the quick response, I personally can't wait for these additions. The epic battles that could happen would be awesome.

Another question, how is the Fallen Federation the Galactic Government? It seems that the galaxy is pretty well divided.

EDIT: I saw you didn't mention ship v ship combat, has that already been implemented?

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Year 11 Day 251 23:57
Ship-to-ship will probably one of the last types of combat implemented.

The Falleen Federation is Galactic Government because it controls the highest total population of any government-type faction.


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Year 11 Day 252 0:31
I understand. I appreciate all the quick responses and the vastly realistic world.

My last question is, in the roleplay sections must your character be in the exact place you are roleplaying? I love that aspect of the universe and can't wait to begin when I am accepted into a faction.

Year 11 Day 252 4:27
RPing and using Darkness for it is fun, l mean like actually or partially doing in Darkness whatever it is your are RPing but I think mainly people dont do it, security and no time reasons. So to answer your question, no you don't have to be, its not a rule.


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Year 11 Day 252 7:42
One last question, if lets say someone was spying on a faction. If they got their hands on any datacard could they sell the technology to any other faction? No matter the technology?

Year 11 Day 252 12:17
It would be nice if you could.

Year 11 Day 252 13:55
If you got the assign datacard privs? Yeah, you could sell USES of it. However, you'd need to be quick as the event would probably be noticed and you'd lose said priv and the DC would be unassigned.

There is no way to actually steal a complete datacard at the present.

Year 11 Day 252 18:49
What is coming in the future that would allow it?

Year 11 Day 252 19:15
Hopefully everything here


Year 11 Day 253 9:58
THe datacard rules are currently a mixture of wrong and horribly wrong. THe only truth on there is #4 about custom images.

Datacards are currently abstract entities owned by factions. You can assign uses of a datacard to a facility (Factory, Lab, whatever is required for the case.) The only way to "steal" datacards currently is assigning datacard uses to a factory and starting production before the datacard uses are removed.

In the future, datacards might possibly made into physical entities. Until then this is how the system really works.

Year 11 Day 254 0:13
Thanks Jevon!