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Archives » I died, but i don't know why...
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Year 12 Day 330 6:15
Alexander von Ismay

Hm. Interesting. Guess we have some charting to do now. >_>

Year 12 Day 330 6:20
I agree Arete. There are things I want to do in the game, but won't with this character. Occasionally I hope my ship's circuits overload and I wind up in a sun. :P

It would be a shame to lose a veteran like yourself Amrod. I encourage you to look at it as a new opportunity to try a different character and partake in a new adventure in the Combine.

Year 12 Day 330 7:59
Laz Uli

It would be particularly noxious to die accidentally like that-- especially after all of the work you've done building up your character.

But after being around for 6 years you've got an awful lot going for you OOC if you decide to create another character. I hope you do! If you're still enjoying the game you really shouldn't let this stop you from playing it.


Year 12 Day 330 8:43
Amrod Anarion

On the one hand I want to keep playing because I like this game a lot, but when I think all I should do to get some money, how expensive is everything and how impossible it's nowadays acquire a city to build something... (because all the galaxy is controlled by factions. If you can find a free square, they will build a shield and you will have your own closed city ¬¬)
I worked a lot to get my own city and now that I earned enough money to build my factory to build droids, ships or something... I died and I lost all my things and my money by a stupid situation...

Thanks for your support, but I see no advantage in create a new character... :(

I have 20 days to think about, but I think that I will not come back..
But who knows? Perhaps in the future I will need to come back to the combine... ;P

Edited By: Amrod Anarion on Year 12 Day 330 8:46
Year 12 Day 330 9:12
Bah, don't let your game, or lack thereof, be influenced by the "monopoly" style swc game of slabs and construction. Come back, entirely new, with a fresh slate and new ideas and go be a pirate! Or fly a TIE fighter! Or go do something fun.


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Year 12 Day 330 14:16
Laz Uli

Yeah-- that's what I'm thinking. I own no real estate and I'm sure I'm not alone. If you come back you have your knowledge base *but* the game will be new in the sense that you're doing things that you never would have before and not doing things that you did daily before.

It would almost be a new game-- except you would have an advantage over us newbs experience and confidence-wise. Make it a different game but see if you still enjoy it.

With all the things that have changed since you started 6 years ago-- and keep changing-- I'm sure that there is still more to the game for you to try.

I'm completely not knocking your angst over the loss-- and losing a 6-year character is a loss-- I'm just saying give coming back in a new way a shot. If you hate it you can quit for good after all.


Year 12 Day 330 14:25
Laz Uli

Also you get a chance to fix anything you regret about the character you just lost and maybe to work with someone that you like OOC but that you couldn't work with IC with your last guy.


Year 12 Day 330 17:32
Shuji Shizuka

Was it stated when galaxy 2.0 came out that the galactic core would have black holes? If not then it's not really possible for players to know that the system had them, as previously the only system consisting of that many black holes was the Maw. And as such, it's rather an unfair way to die. Sort of like, all of a sudden being arrested by your npc's on your ship.


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Year 12 Day 330 17:35
Gravity wells without a visible source should reveal the existence of black holes, whether he saw an announcement or not.


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Year 12 Day 330 17:50
Shuji, you can view the system and all the black holes are listed there save for their locations. It was also discussed prior to the galaxy change. Forum --> Search feature --> use it. :P

Year 12 Day 330 20:54
OK call me slow, or just a simple Ryll head, but I want to make sure that I get this right. Black Holes can be detected by a gravity well with no visible planet/sun at the center? I just want to make sure, as I've got a bad case of Wonderlust, and love to take trips to systems for the hell of it. Exploration and adventure, ya know... ;)

Amrod, I totally sympathize with your situation. However I'm of the belief that having gone from being a newbie to a vet, you would know how to regain all that was lost. You may even do better seeing how you know the mechanics of the game. One thing I guarantee you, you will never die in a Black Hole again!

Come back, entirely new, with a fresh slate and new ideas and go be a pirate!

- Arete

Hmmmm... Now there's a thought.


Year 12 Day 331 0:09
Amrod Anarion

Really you are encouraging me .. :)
It's possible that I come back and look for any dangerous work, I liked the idea of pirates. I have nothing to lose ... ;P

Year 12 Day 331 0:54
Yes, blackholes create grav wells just like planets, except there is no visible entity at the center of the grav well. Gets complicated when there are other grav wells overlapping.


Year 12 Day 331 0:58
Thanks Ellias.


Year 12 Day 331 3:56
Just wondering because I can't find it, blackholes kill you when you fly into them, i.e. you have to be on the same square as the blackhole itself or do you just have to be in the gravity well (the red squares around it)?


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Year 12 Day 331 4:03
Venge O`Day

I posted this for my members:

Feel free to use it.

Year 12 Day 331 4:41
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Only when you enter the square of the black hole itself. They work just like suns, except with a visibility problem.

Year 12 Day 331 11:43
Ragnos Deott

The only problem comes when sublighting around inside a system with black holes correct? If one happens to pull you out of Hyper there is no chance of dying, or is there?

Reason why I ask, one of my hyper trips will take me directly over the core. If there is a chance of dying by being pulled out of hyper/or having to sublight out of a grav well to jump back into hyper, I may plot a course around it.


Year 12 Day 331 17:48
If hyperspace is aborted into a system with planetary objects (including blackholes) there is a chance of death. However, Mikel did say that the pulling out of hyperspace is not working at the moment.


Year 12 Day 331 19:26
Ragnos Deott

Looks like I will be plotting around the core then :D

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