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Year 14 Day 94 10:18
Dionaea Kuat

I heard hidden homeworlds of new races would be Darkness-controlled. Is this true? Or is it that only the starting cities would be NPC-controlled, as in most homeworlds?

Year 14 Day 94 12:18
Ichiru Hanabusa

it would be darkness as homeworlds are wanted to be, the admins want all homeworlds to be darkness but i guess people dont want to give up planets

Year 14 Day 94 13:21
Maha Michi

/me looks for admin response.

From when the new races were introduced recently, the planets were not all darkness controlled. For example, Caamas (Caaamasi homeworld) was given to Tenloss Syndicate for control (and not Darkness).

Ryn - didn't have a homeworld
Bosph - homeworld (Bosph I) controlled by Alderaanian Mining
Squib - homeworld (Skor II) controlled by Rogue Squadron
Sluissi - homeworld (Sluis Van) controlled by New Republic

It's possible that these planets were already in existance, but I didn't think that Caamas or Bosph II were in existance at least.

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Year 14 Day 94 14:12
Dionaea Kuat

Maybe Camaas was already a planet?

The reason I'm asking is that, if they are really going to be Darkness-controlled, what's the reason for finding them?


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Year 14 Day 94 14:52
Most likely to make it possible for someone to choose that race when creating a character or existing characters to turn into that particular race.

Year 14 Day 94 16:18
Darkness controlled as far as I remember. I like some of the current homeworlds.


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Year 14 Day 94 16:40
Vaas Dae`skal

It's probably so they're released over time, but it does seem like a good question, if theres nothing to gain for looking for them, why do it?

Year 14 Day 94 17:06
Dionaea Kuat

My point exactly. If they are hidden and controlled by Darkness there's no point to search for them and they should be revealed already.


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Year 14 Day 94 17:23
They never said all hidden race homeworlds are single planet systems.



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Year 14 Day 94 18:33
The new races that are controlled not by Darkness were planets that were already in game - we couldn't very well force the controlling faction to have that planet moved out so we could put an admin controlled one in its place.

The new homeworlds, yes they should all be Darkness controlled unless Jesfa has forgotten that bit. And yes, several of these homeworld systems have planets not controlled by Darkness that could could claim.


Year 14 Day 95 1:35

Caamas, Bosph II, and Skor II were already in combine for many years.

Not all the new homeworld systems are single planets, but the homeworld themselves are darkness owned, not to mention, I doubt people are going in a sector looking for an exact system, but for any in there.


Year 14 Day 95 10:38
Dionaea Kuat

Why? I mean, why are they Darkness controlled if they are in empty planets?

I can understand the old homeworlds being Darkness-owned since they were moved to owned sectors.

I just don't see the point in restricting the acquisition of new homeworlds in empty sectors, seeing as there are homeworlds owned by other factions.

Year 14 Day 95 10:52
Ichiru Hanabusa

to stop people taking control and A/Eing noobs and to stop them being shielded, also gives safe ground to go creature/bandit hunting.

seeing as there are homeworlds owned by other factions. 

its the same as the reason syn can keep a 1 word handle, they got them on old rules, new rule is all homeworlds except those already owned are darkness controlled

Edited By: Ichiru Hanabusa on Year 14 Day 95 10:53
Year 14 Day 95 13:30

The % owned by the governments are very small, and I'd love for them to be wiling to trade the few out there to us, but I'm not going to force it to happen. Trying to get them into NPC/Darkness/non-player hands during the galaxy shift, and then just re-adding takeable new ones would be a silly.

The idea is that the homeworlds, as sparse as they are, should serve as safe spots for new players to appear/learn, with the potential for quests to be made involving these locations.


Year 14 Day 95 18:13
Dioneae, the reason to find the planets is so that people can spawn as the new races/change to them.

Year 14 Day 96 13:19
Pinto Grande

The fact homeworlds tend to spawn much more NPCs of a specific race, means they have strategic value on that. Many (or most?) old race planets are controlled by a faction, that can monopolize the NPC market of their race. So it creates a big leverage for them.
Not to mention that I'm aware of at least one race that was recently added as homeworld of an ALREADY existing (and gov-faction controlled) planet. So this is VERY unfair.

But well, this is not the suggestions or complaints forums, and I have something else to ask about Hidden systems:

Now that we found out that you can find a 2nd system in a sector which already had a system, it clearly means the restriction to 'new systems to empty sectors only' (as it was announced when first adding hidden systems around a year ago) has been removed.

Does that apply only to empty sectors (and ones with newly discovered systems), or is it possible to find more systems in sectors populated with systems from the pre-2.0 galaxy?

Edited By: Pinto Grande on Year 14 Day 96 13:21
Year 14 Day 96 17:57
Pinto there were around 5 new races whose homeworlds are controlled by a faction, as Jesfa mentioned just above, due to those planets already existing and controlled.

The no hidden systems in a controlled sector only counts for sectors that were populated just after Galaxy 2.0. Any other sector that at that time was empty could have systems added, including more than one. Whether those systems were added together, or added later, is only up to Jesfa to know.


Year 14 Day 101 15:49
Dorn Zeke

Wait...the hidden homeworlds are already darkness controlled?! That can't possibly be right...


Year 14 Day 101 17:51
Why is that?


Year 14 Day 101 18:33
Dionaea Kuat

I think he was being sarcastic.

Also, I'm considering making a suggestion of renaming Darkness. I don't care homeworlds can't be claimed or are independant, but I would rather see them controlled by a group called "Independent" or something.

Darkness is an OOC group and name that is just confusing and immersive-killing.


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