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Archives » Locked out of SWC when using my Android
Lorenzas Atticus

I'm not sure if I should send in a support ticket or not but I cannot log into the game using my phone anymore. I accidentally deleted my SWC bookmark on my phone and for some reason whenever I go to the log in screen it lets me put my name/password in but when I hit "Log in" the page just refreshes over and over again.

Should I send in a support ticket or DM someone directly with my problem? I use my phone for 90% of my in game actions and have been using it for years so it is kind of confusing why it is not working now.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like a phone issue if you can still access your account other ways, SWC doesn't offer phone repair/service.

Kendall Holm

I would try reinstalling the browser or trying another browser. Most issue I find with people using mobile browsers is they accidental turn on or off a feature that literally breaks web surfing


Lorenzas Atticus

I figured it out. I had changed my settings to block cookies. As soon as I switched it back I could log on again. Looks like you were right Kendall.

Kendall Holm