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Year 15 Day 40 9:05
Shobba Pau

When you spawn, (assuming you are not spawning at a faction headquarters) does that city always have an npc starport, npc shop etc or does it vary?

Year 15 Day 40 9:18
When jesfa nad Ellias were adding/fixing Homeworld spawn cities, they made sure to include a starport and NPC shop. If a city you spawn in does not, you would contact them so they can remedy this.

Year 15 Day 40 11:46
Shobba Pau

What about other facilities like landing pad or garage etc?

Year 15 Day 40 11:58
Kendall Holm



Year 15 Day 40 12:08
In newer home world's the spawn cities are full cities with a set random design with other facility types. Starport and shop are definitely there and some other random facilities


Year 15 Day 40 13:51
Kendall Holm

I think he was asking if the NPC transport existed in other facilities


Year 15 Day 40 14:27
I don't think he was.

Year 15 Day 40 17:20
Shobba Pau

I meant in addition to the NPC star port, would there be other facilities that are also NPC owned/ have public access.


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Six Stars is not enough...
Year 15 Day 40 17:53
The homeworlds I fixed (before I left being an ASim) had a starport, shop, hospital and a selection of other facilities like highrises, hotels, landing pads, etc. However I think I only got to about 10-20 homeworlds. I am unsure if (Jenos I believe) continued that when he carried on or if Jesfa has since changed them as well.


Year 15 Day 42 12:22
Xakic Jix

the buildings in a homeworld are usually owned by Darkness or an Admin or Asmin, but they are usually all open to the public. I think that the HRs are closed and the PGs, but everything else is open.



Year 15 Day 42 13:52

All homeworlds (Majority are owned by Darkness/Quests, some factions), have at the very least a Hospital, Starport, and Shop. Those 3 are open to all and are owned by Darkness.

Beyond that all or almost all, have a full city of accessible facilities to visit and hire from. In random bursts of activity I've attempted to give them IC names and whatnot, but the access at least is there.

I believe every city has a factory for workers/builders, and most if not all have barracks. At one point the starport/hospital/shop were possibly on faction owned cities, but I don't believe that is the case anymore, so all homeworlds should potentially have the above.


Year 15 Day 43 19:41
Shobba Pau

I assume that no Darkness Home Worlds would be shielded but would faction owned Home Worlds be shielded? I guess it is thier right to shield them but would they be discouraged from doing so?

Year 15 Day 43 20:14
Several are shielded, however most factions are quite good about letting others in to pick up new players. Also, shields only stop downwards travel, but not upwards travel, so new players can always spawn a ship and fly out regardless.