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Year 15 Day 125 15:57
Colton Hatfield

I noticed you wanted that kind of topic posted in here, I'm merely stating that four different times of using the SWC Mibbit client I got a few malware tagalongs. So yeah something is going on there. I run Malwarebytes regularly though so it caught them each time - but all the same, this is something that may want to be looked at to better protect our users that want to use the sites chat client.

(Based on Topic in General Forums)

Year 15 Day 122 4:01 problem with the chat
Centore Delfano

There's a possibility that the chat room in this game has a virus. I went offline for a while because of this. What happened was I entered the chat room using my phone, and am alert popped up saying my phone had been infected with a virus. I assumed it was from another site so I shut them all down and ran a scan I my phone, and killed the virus. I then went bell to swc, and entered the chat and immediately, am alert popped up, again saying my phone had just been infected. It's because of this that I left the game. I just recently returned, hoping the problem had been fixed, but yet again, when I went into the chat, my phone became infected. Plz fix this. I really like this game, and i'd hate to have to quit playing because if a virus.

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Year 15 Day 125 16:21
Kendall Holm

Can we get the Malware names it detects. It could be false positives.


Year 15 Day 125 17:11
Also, it might not be the IRC room but the ads that run at the top that are causing them.


Year 15 Day 125 17:53
Kendall Holm

Thats true. Is their adds up top? I dont use things like mibbit. Plus also if it is not our site there is nothing we can do about this


Year 15 Day 126 7:18
It's definitely the ads - entirely within Mibbit's realm of control to fix.

I use Mibbit and that's been happening every now and then recently, a popup gets blocked and my anti-virus throws a hissy fit. 1 malicious ad in a massive stream of bad ads.

Year 15 Day 126 10:05
Deleted Post
Siarica Aylina
Deleted by Syn. Reason: This isn't the suggestions forum
Year 15 Day 126 11:15
A newer method to embed IRC on our site is on my Lobby List. I have polled several individuals and reviewed several programs and am waiting for my activity to line up with that of a site coder to discuss it's viability (likely Sel).

As this was already being done, Siarica's suggestion was not reposted by a moderator.

Their topic was directed here because it was a question, yours is a statement.


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