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Archives » Sustainable Business Restrictions
Year 15 Day 339 5:04
Does it matter if facilities are unpowered?
If the planet's economy can sustain 4 facilities of a type per city,
but half of them are unpowered, will that matter for the equation?

Year 15 Day 339 7:43
Good question, as the rules don't seem to specify.

However, you could simply ask to purchase our facilities, that you've now revoked power to, instead of trying to figure out whether they'll affect your stats.


Year 15 Day 340 0:25
Tomas, this is not the case. I have sent you a private message, explaining the developments in the system.

Year 15 Day 347 13:46
Dan Hakim

I'm pretty sure it's only powered facilities that alter stats.


Year 15 Day 355 5:02
Syn? Is that the case?

Year 15 Day 355 10:36
Kendall Holm

Yes only powered facils have any effect


Year 15 Day 357 2:16
Ben Camden

Additional question: Is that only SBR or all stats?

It seems a bit too "easy" for example, if I can eliminate crime-generation by simply turning off power.


Senior Governor Ben Camden
Regional Government
Year 15 Day 361 14:00
I would've though unpowered facilities would attract squatters and burning trashcans and raise the crimerate if anything...


Denton Dabbs

I'm pretty sure unpowered buildings do increase crime rate, but couldn't find any mention of it on the rules pages, even on the crime rate formulas.
But I do remember when I was building cities on a planet, when the buildings finished before the PG, I got increased crimerate daily until it was powered, I can only assume it's the same if the buildings are already there.