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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 35
Planet: Daephin
System: Riflorii
Sector: Cerean Quadrant
Galactic coordinates: (-90, -300)
System coordinates: (11, 6)

Planet type: moon
Planet size: 2 x 2

Controlled By: The Kingdom of Elysia
Governor: None
Magistrate: None
Total population: 11,206 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 454 People
Civilisation level: 3.9800%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 6,724 credits
Tax income: 336 credits
Daephin, Balthain, Braldatar are al the moon of Riflor, they are just left over cosmic dust when Riflor was created, millions of years ago. Most people who pass though here find it very odd that the proportion of moons to stars is equal. and maybe in someway keep the system in balance There is nothing at all on all three of these moons, they are made of solid rock, no one as to this day is to find any useable raw materials on any of these mons. When the Old Republic first found this system, a few mining companies set out here right away to build mines, but these miners had no such luck finding any raw materials. They closed down their operations in this system, for that reason as well as strong pressure from the Advosec ruling council, for them to pack their bags and get off their moons.

The Advosec take great joy in having three moons in their system, anas well as three stars, they go to great lengths to make sure no one disturbs the moons or the stars in their system.

Some people however belief that this however did not occur naturally, and must have been the result of a gain ship with many tractor beams, and some form of advanced containment field to maintain the stars stability. Researchers have look for clues of this for many eons but have always failed to find any such clues.

Planet map: