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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 35
System: Challon
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Sector: Farrfin

Coordinates: (-10, 108)

Suns: 1

Planets: 3

Population: 6,427,188,595

Government: Galactic Empire

The Moonus system is home to small yellow star, nearing the end of its days. It is also home to the gas giant triplets. This system has one of the most plentifully supplies of raw materials in gas on this side of the Galactic Axis. In Moonus little exists in the war of animal life settlers have to grow their food. This systems has very little in the way of technology, to many governments this system is technologically backwards. Here Bothan and Human settlers that live here live in harmony, an almost to perfect environment. Here times have staid the same for many generations, and change is not welcome at all.

Newcomers to this system are welcomed with open arms. This system serves as a great vacation spot. There are many hotels and casinos and local bars for visitors to enjoy their stay. People here like to enjoy their day though many a celebrations, on every day they hold a celebration noone works that day. People native to this system often have a high tolerance for Ales, because the average person drink over four hundred bottles a year.

Pirates lurk on the outskirts of this system, praying on any ship that can’t make it to hyperspace. The pirates how ever are only small time, and wouldn’t mess with anything bigger than a YT-1300. Bothan authorities have tried to locate their base more than once. Some people claim that they hide in the gas giants, using the toxic gases to help block out enemy sensors scans.

Position: (11, 8)

Type: Temperate/breathable

Size: 8x8

Population: 1,237,573

Controlled By: Galactic Empire

Position: (6, 12)

Type: Hot/toxic Atmosphere

Size: 8x8

Population: 6,420,902,670

Controlled By: Galactic Empire

Position: (4, 2)

Type: Gas Giant

Size: 19x19

Population: 5,048,352

Controlled By: Galactic Empire

Position: (7, 11)

Type: Sun

Size: 30x30