The Galactic Stock Exchange

Type: Trading
Founded On: Year 12 Day 319
Leader: Zingari Rognir
Second In Command: Viki Riki
Recruitment Liaisons: Athan Cage, Zingari Rognir
Chat: #Stock_Exchange

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A company built, simply, to spread fair and neutral trade.

Already boasting the galaxies largest privately owned trading network, these men and women routinely travel to all edges of the known galaxy in their insatiable desire to increase trade accessibility for its citizens.  

With the spirit and passion for trade, GSE offers competitively priced station and facility construction.

Datacards Owned:
Items Facilities Stations
Ryll Patch
Death Stick
Bacta Ryfill
Poison Vial
Civic Centre
Commerce Centre
Slave Market
Crew Quarters
Trading I
Trading II
Asteroid Hideout
Merchant Space Dock