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Xenoarchaeological Institute Opens Doors, Announces Upcoming Museum Partnerships
Posted by: Kaze Zill, The Xenoarchaeological Institute
Date: Year 20 Day 139 From the Conference Centre Xenoarchaeological Institute HQ in New Venture (0,8) on Pa`hir`al (0, 221).

Good day, and welcome to Culture Corner, your source for up-to-date news in the arts, sciences, and society. this is Hylia Fortinet reporting from frozen Pa`hir`al, where just a few days ago the formation of the Xenoarchaeological Institute was announced. Earlier today I sat down with founder and chairman Kaze Zill, to discuss the how's and why's of this foray into the world of science and history.


Hylia Fortinet: Mr. Zill, what prompted you to form the Xenoarchaeological Institute?

Kaze Zill: Stagnation. Our galaxy is embroiled in a near-perpetual cold war, the likes of which have not been seen for millenia. Despite occasional flare-ups, the never ending build-up of materials of war and the sentients nessescary to use them has meant that, in recent decades, less attention has been paid to fields of study not directly related to war efforts. Among these, I feel, is the practice of Xenoarchaeology; that is, the study of primarily nonhuman races and their past. In particular, those species who are no longer members of the galactic community, whether through extinction or isolation.

The galaxy is vast, with millions of planets, many of whom have at one point or another supported entire cultures, knowledge of which is largely lost to us today. Records of such species are often spotty at best, whether through deliberate deletion or simple negligence on the part of record keepers. It is my mission, and the mission of those who share my curiosity for these matters, to learn all that can be learned of these species.

HF: What are you hoping to find?

KZ: Knowledge, primarily. We already have a dedicated team of research analyists combing through archives, looking for hints or mentions of races lost to time. Ideally, we hope to mount expeditions to worlds that we deem to be probable planets of habitation to search in detail for evidence of habitation, and to learn more about that world's culture, inhabitants, customs, technology, and so on.

We are also hoping for tangible, material, results. Museums across the galaxy serve as repositories of phsyical artefacts, and provide a way to engage the public as a whole, to create interest in the past of our galactic community. They also serve as a way to preserve such artefacts, and many, myself included, believe that such artefacts would be more appropriately located in an appropriate enviroment than simply being buried under hundreds or thousands of years of mud and dirt. We cannot learn from things we have yet to discover, after all.


HF: Do you believe that looking backwards in time will help the future of the galaxy?

KZ: Absolutely. Why? Because every race in our galaxy contributes in some way. The Duros are responsible for some of the most detailed and thorough exploration of space. Geonosis is home to some of the most gifted engineers in the galaxy. Thyferrans brought Bacta to our universe as a material that has saved lives beyond counting. Even if they are gone from the galaxy, who knows what advances, cultural or technological, those races may have left behind? Just because a species dies out does not mean they have nothing to teach us.

HF: Do you have a team working with you?

KZ: Indeed. I am fortunate enough to be working alongside some amazingly talented people. Con Semper, who is a renowned cloner and a specialist in Force related artefacts. Areagla Loomis, his wife, is a household name in the animal sciences, we hope that she can assist us with creature remains and the like. Paul Luz will be helping us as well, he's well regarded in academia, particularly for his contributions to the sadly defunct Scholars guild.

HF: And do others share your vision?

KZ: Oh, yes. We've been incredibly lucky that in the past several weeks alone several individuals have been kind enough to lend support, in the form of advice, partnerships, and logistics. I'm very pleased to announce that we will be partnering with the Belloq Tull Memorial Traveling Meliorist Museum and Artifact Collectorium. Mr. Tull shares our passion for knowledge and antiquities, and we hope to showcase some of the artifacts we find in his splendid collection, which we hope will open to the public soon, once the possessed have been exorcised.

HF: The...possessed?

KZ: We would also like to thank miss Sia Vir'uan, who was kind enough to donate to us a space ideal for our own museum, which we hope to have a grand opening for later this year. Miss Vir'uan is also in the process of establishing her own museum ship, but i'm not at liberty to say much about that yet.

HF: I..see. Well Mr. Zill, anything else to tell us today?

KZ: Certainly. We would like to extend an invitation for anyone with any information or desire to help to please contact us, it is only through a keen desire for knowledge that we can truly understand our past, and we welcome any who wish to join us in our efforts to make the galaxy a more informed place.

Thank you.

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