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Year 9 Day 42 15:11
Hawky Nester
Hawky Nester
What's a Death Star picture doing as a temperate planet with toxic atmosphere picture???


Year 9 Day 42 15:48
Deleted Post
Leon Shade
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Year 9 Day 42 16:29
Tidus Tia
Tidus Tia
Hawky, it's the standard 'no image' for new planet types that are added until a new one is uploaded. As I do not have access to the tools at this time, it will remain for a little while longer.

Year 9 Day 43 19:20
Deleted Post
Rav Isaar
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Year 9 Day 43 20:44
Aiden Cora
Aiden Cora
I was just about to ask the same thing.. also why is it the standard no image..errr..image.?

Year 9 Day 43 23:38
Because it wasn't a planet type until the new atmosphere rules highlighted it's absence, and need for inclusion. No doubt the Death Star image is an Admin joking around, figuring it would never be seen/used.


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Year 9 Day 44 10:15
Aiden Cora
Aiden Cora
Lol, thanks for the answer.