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Archives » Trojans from CP Topsites clickers
Ezrakh Rhuk
Ezrakh Rhuk
Just clicked the topsites ratings and I got a warning about 10 Trojans, any idea what that is about? Its not good.

I've gotten this too, especially on the site with the dragon on the logo (idk what the name of it is, for all I know it could be the same one). I can't even get my CPs from that one anymore.


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Year 12 Day 220 19:01
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
Can you list all the icons that give you a warning?



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Year 12 Day 220 22:23
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Year 12 Day 220 22:51
Also, what antivirus program are you using? Some of them are prone to false hits when using heuristic algorithms.

The only one that's been giving me problems is the one with the dragon on its icon. I'm using Avast Free Antivirus.


It's a known fact that painting a red stripe on an X-wing makes it go faster.
Ezrakh Rhuk
Ezrakh Rhuk

Year 12 Day 221 16:44
I'm using Norton 360, but it hasn't thrown up any warnings that I've seen.

Hmm, I haven't gotten any hits from that site (and Sophos is rather reliable, Avast and Norton not so much). Can you somehow check if it's the site itself or possibly just an ad?

I get the occasional warning from SWC itself, mainly because theres some links with malware from the banner exchange, but i've never come across anything from the CP top sites, and i use AVG Free. Norton i hate. So maybe just change your antivirus program if you're not paying for it and get AVG for free.


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Year 12 Day 222 13:29
I also use AVG and have not gotten any hits.


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Ezrakh Rhuk
Ezrakh Rhuk
@ Togan. I'll be able to test it later today when back at college.

Ezrakh Rhuk
Ezrakh Rhuk
The only information I could get on the threat was this message;


It happened for a lot of the ones I clicked on on the bottom half of the list.

Year 12 Day 223 10:00
Looks like it's from one of the ads they might have (the "Troj/Iframe-DQ" suggests that it's embedded in an iframe on that site).