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Episode 2 - Warning: Nudity and Slave girls

Posted on Year 8 Day 95

Without rules we would have chaos! and worse - lawsuits. So the slave girl provided is not in fact a well known princess from a popular sci fi movie - but an entirely different slave girl from an entirely different scifi all together, in fact any resemblance to characters living or deceased is purely coincidental and... who am I kidding. Nude(ish) Vey, theres a challenge. No further comment.

Q: I wanna make a cartoon too!

A: Piece of cake. Its not about the rendering! its about a clever idea/story that fits into the cells. What you will need:

  • Adobe Photoshop: backgrounds, scans of line drawings, finishing touches (or other bitmapped art program)
  • Adobe Illustrator: Vector art such as characters and speech bubbles (or other vector art program
  • Scanner or drawing tablet
  • Pencil, paper and eraser
  • Too much time on your hands and can take enough time to do it right
  • Clinically insane or just a big spaz
  • Know the difference between satire and flaming! (ie self criticism)
  • Be able to make fun of yourself before you make fun of others!
  • Practice. You may notice a difference in quality over time improving here as the art muscles get flexed.

Todays Episode 2 - Warning: Nudity and Slave Girls