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Player Administration

Banning for Cheating (Posted by Ghost on Year 15 Day 136)
Gregory Nautillus and Gloter Indoxtro have been banned for being the same person.  After the ban time, Gregory can open a su...

What is it you want, Junior? (Posted by Erek on Year 15 Day 134)
  Year 15 Day 134, 11:29 Erek banned player Jules Sveth Tuk providing the following reason...

Simple Name Change (Posted by Ghost on Year 15 Day 131)
Due to violation of the rules, Luke Miller has had his handle changed to Santor Spaxi. That is all. 

Community News

Holocron - Voting on Featured Article (Posted by Jennifer Dreighton on Year 15 Day 138)
Especially those of you who are actively contributing to the Holocron have been waiting for a voting process to be implemented fo...

Retirement/Re-positioning (Posted by Arete on Year 15 Day 60)
Due to Keir, I will be retiring as ASim. Just kidding.  But on a serious note, after however long it's been on the ASim sta...

Merry Christmas (Posted by Veynom on Year 15 Day 25)
On behalve of the SWC Administration, please let me wish you a Merry Christmas. And of course, Christmas would not be Christmas...

Technical News

Faction Check Time! (Posted by Ghost on Year 15 Day 136)
It is that time of year!  The administration will be checking factions to make sure they are in line with the requirements l...

NPC Skills Update (Posted by Syn on Year 15 Day 136)
Early in Year 14, we released an announcement that NPC starting skills would be reduced. This change has just been implemented, s...

Sync Digest (Posted by Syn on Year 15 Day 133)
Post-Sync Updates: - Default IRC channel is once more #swc-members after the previous change caused problems. - Bug with the a...

(Posted by Ghost on Year 15 Day 136 8:28)

It is that time of year!  The administration will be checking factions to make sure they are in line with the requirements listed in the rules.  This includes the faction status in membership and bankruptcy.   Information will be gathered over the coming week, with the 'deadline' for meeting all required standards falling on Year 15 Day 142.  If your group does not meet the required standards, it will face fine/dissolution based on violation.   Fines will be 1,000,000 credits per violation of the following requirements:

  • Horizontal Banner (468 x 60 Pixels)
  • Vertical Banner (60 x 468 Pixels)
  • Logo (70 x 70 Pixels)
  • Faction Description (150 words in length)
  • An Active Leader (Last login less than 14 days ago)

If an owner/ leader needs assistance with the checks or has any questions, please feel free to find a member of Administration on IRC or by DM.  If you feel your group cannot meet the requirements and wish it to be dissolved before the deadline, also contact a member of Administration.  

Clarification: Factions falling below the minimal requirements for capital and membership will be dissolved.  Governments will be evaluated based upon Government Requirements, not basic faction Requirements. 

UPDATE (Day 137):  The initial check on factions is complete.  There are 44 factions that currently do not meet the minimum requirements to be considered a faction.  There are also several governments that are below the minimum requirements.  I will be rechecking periodically throughout the week.  We recommend you do what you can to get your factions in order to prevent dissolution.  Dissolution is set for day 142 on the factions that do not meet requirements.    If you have any questions about your status, feel free to DM Ghost or find him on irc with any inquiries. 

Also, if you notice a factions banners, logos or descriptions violate the rules, feel free to DM Ghost with that information.  CPs will be awarded for the first received report of violation.

UPDATE (Day 139): There has been some confusion on this, so I will make it clear, regardless of "days left" on your event warnings,  all factions who fall below the line and who do not correct it will be dissolved on Day 142.  I was not going to publish any sort of list, as I saw it as a way for people to get information on the status of factions that they would not normally have access to, but since there has been such little work done by the factions still under the limit, I decided that the most fair and best practice would be to publish a list.  This way no one can claim they were not notified or were unsure of their status.   You can ask to have your faction manually dissolved before that date. Click Below to check if your faction needs to contact Ghost.


If your faction has a Rules Violation reported that will result in a fine, it is also listed as "Needs Attention"

(Edited to correct Dissolution date.  It is Day 142)  

(Edited by Ghost on Year 15 Day 139)
(Posted by Jennifer Dreighton on Year 15 Day 138 18:10)

Especially those of you who are actively contributing to the Holocron have been waiting for a voting process to be implemented for the monthly featured article. You can now suggest articles and vote for them on the talk page of the "Featured Articles" page. It is all quite simple. Everyone can support one article, article with most votes wins. If you do not have a Holocron account yet, you will have to create one and have it unlocked to vote. Please remember to use your exact SWC handle for your Holocron account.  

(Posted by Syn on Year 15 Day 136 22:15)

Early in Year 14, we released an announcement that NPC starting skills would be reduced. This change has just been implemented, so you will notice that all NPCs in the galaxy that currently exist and that are hired in the future now possess significantly fewer skill points than before, and have had their bonus skill points per level refunded. As this will undoubtedly be discouraging to many players, further explanation follows.

The reason for the change itself is two-fold:
* First, NPCs previously started with the full skillset of a level 1 character, regardless of which skills could actually be used by each NPC type. This created an imbalance both between low level characters and NPCs, and between NPC types themselves.
* Second, this created a situation where race bonuses unrelated to an NPC's type were being returned for allocation to significant effect, causing effects such as high-Management races making superior combat types for the skill refund alone.

All NPCs now start with a total of 10 skill points allocated appropriately over skills useful to each NPC type where possible. This was chosen because it is the same number of points a player allocates to his second-priority skill category (although the NPC starting points are not necessarily restricted to a single category). NPCs will still receive one skill point per level to freely allocate, and the level 10 cap for NPCs is still in place.

NPCs that have no implemented roles or skills (such as many Civil and Tutorial NPCs) were given a default skillset suitable for civilian non-combat NPCs. Should further implementation occur for any NPC types, their skills may be slightly tweaked as needed to account for such changes in the future.

The reason for the delay between the original announcement and this implementation is that this update necessitated a significant rewriting of the admin tool to create NPC templates (thanks to Mikel), the complete revision of all existing NPC templates (I can be blamed appropriately), and the syncing and updating of all existing NPCs (thanks to Selatos), along with considerable testing time. We had also hoped to have a method for mass-allocation of NPC skill points available, but unfortunately that is not yet the case and no ETA exists.


Edit: While many NPC types have had their default Strength adjusted, HP values have not yet been updated. This will update itself for NPCs as they level or have skill points allocated, and an HP update will be forced for level 10+ NPCs in the coming days.  

(Edited by Syn on Year 15 Day 136)
(Posted by Syn on Year 15 Day 133 21:03)

Post-Sync Updates:

- Default IRC channel is once more #swc-members after the previous change caused problems.
- Bug with the admin banhammer fixed.
- NPC Market owned items can no longer be claimed. (NPC Owned items still can be, as before.)


- Changing divs to flash events on admin tools
- Adding an old handles check to the reset skills tool
- Quotes Database link on community sidebar
- 10 XP now awarded for city creation
- Live Chat will now default to #swc-help and faction channels
- Live Chat will now use the IRC nick in Account Settings as the default nick, if set, rather than the character's handle

- Modded icon should be functioning properly now
- Admin tools, entityInfo tool now actually functions correctly
- NPC custom image submission fixed
- Race ID #93 number of images set to 4 (BUG:3267)
- Teleportation issue fixed from when entities were tractored or kicked. (BUGS: 3214, 3198, 3190, 2951, 3212, 3217, 2934, 3266, 2566)
- New Vein sizes will now be calculated by what is actually mined and not the max yield (BUG:3315).
- Members list modded to work with an MSD as the only HQ (BUG:3320)
- TC9 Terain Restrictions added (BUG: 3179)
- Lock XP exploit (BUG:1990)
- PGs can no longer be daisy chained causing an issue with missing power (BUG:2354)
- People can no longer delete other peoples forum posts with url injection (BUG: 3377)
- You can no longer hail items (BUG: Reported manually)
- Force training dialogue will now correctly reflect whether your master is available for a training session (cosmetic change only)
- Merchant Space Docks will now automatically be protected when built and cannot be unprotected
- "NPC Transport" button no longer appears in ineligible facilities
- Cockpit travel images will now refresh at the appropriate intervals
- Buildable squares on water and gas terrain will now revert to the appropriate image when a road is removed from them
- Entities with multiples of the same datacard assigned will no longer give an error when attempting to produce in certain circumstances
- Removed hidden system exploit
- Fixed bug allowing for arrest of persons without stuncuffs/binders if they were over weight/volume capacity

- Rules updated to reflect the ground speed cap. (BUG: 2160)
- Squad rules updated
- Batches rules updated

Web Site General
- Actions on party page moved to the top
- Owned Entities removed from the recycle list; now only entities that are commanded by the Faction can be seen
- If an entity has medical rooms it now shows in the stats page
- Reset Skills tool has been reworded to make more sense
- Reset Skills page now has auto complete for handles
- Custom NPCs have been restricted to Workers Compound and a limit of three requested in a weeks period
- Creature HP values now display on Party page!  

(Edited by Syn on Year 15 Day 134)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 133 21:02)

Unlike the pink skin change, this is not an April fool's joke. We've sync'd the latest from the dev server.


Hopefully, someone will be able to post a full report of what that involves, but until then you're invited to try to figure it out.  

(Posted by Arjuna on Year 15 Day 122 19:06)

 We have been studying server usage statistics, and come to the determination that the color skins for combine place a heavy burden on our resources. In an effort to streamline usage while affecting a minimum of our player base, we chose this evening to remove the lesser used color options and lock players to the most popular choice.


If you were among the <5% of players not using pink, you may notice a slight shift in appearance to combine.


Credit goes to Syn/Loki for noticing the strain on the servers, and suggesting the removal of this minimally used feature.


Arjuna Edit: It appears an unfortunate side affect of the streamlining has lead the shiny blinkys you've probably already noticed, we're working on it

Syn Edit: Happy April Fools Day! Well, happy for me. Confusing and traumatic for you.

Syn Edit #2: To the suspiciously high number of those of you who expressed interest in our seizure-inducing pink skin (we're not even a little sorry), this was already an existing theme that is still selectable for the interface in your Look and Feel settings. Enjoy!  

(Edited by Syn on Year 15 Day 123)
(Posted by Syn on Year 15 Day 119 23:57)

Our IRC hosting provider appears to be having some difficulties on their end leading to significant connectivity issues for users attempting to connect to the server. Hopefully this will be cleared up shortly.

Edit: The server is connecting properly again.  

(Edited by Syn on Year 15 Day 120)

There is a time in the year when we have to pay our bills and today is the one of the Combine. Thanks to your regular generosity and constant support since 15 years, the Combine will yet be up and running for another year.

Thank you all. Have fun.  

(Posted by Ghost on Year 15 Day 88 8:22)

The timers are currently down and we are working on it. Please do not open any new support tickets regarding this issue. We will post an update when we have one. Thank you for the patience.  

(Edited by Syn on Year 15 Day 88)
(Posted by Ghost on Year 15 Day 72 16:44)

It has come to our attention that people are encountering a bug that is not resetting the number of NPCs that are hireable each month as it should.  While trying to come up with a work around to help players until this is fixed, I had an idea: We can spawn players NPCs manually, allowing them to get the workers/builders they need while the system doesn't work. 

We will be happy to do this for you, but you need to follow some procedure to keep things organized.  First, to make the request for NPCs, open a support ticket with the number of NPCs you desire, the type and where you would like them (ship or station ID).  The ticket will be responded to with an order to send credits.  You will send the credits to whichever ASIM is assisting you.  We will not give a discount of the normal hire rate.  After receiving the credits, we will spawn your new workers and close your ticket.  Do not request more NPCs to be spawned then are normally available to spawn at a certain location.  Abuse will not be tolerated.  We are doing this as a favor while the bug is being repaired. 

To prevent a build up on tickets, please limit yourself and your faction to one order per month. Try to make it worth our effort. I do not want to be spawning a squad of NPCs at a time. We will not take any race/gender requests. This whole thing will create a large burden on our time, so please have patience.


Supes Edit: Submit to support.  

(Edited by Erek on Year 15 Day 72)
(Posted by Arete on Year 15 Day 60 12:50)

Due to Keir, I will be retiring as ASim.

Just kidding.  But on a serious note, after however long it's been on the ASim staff I would like to announce that I will be stepping down from the position and returning to in-character status.

It's been a wonderful time and i've thuroughly enjoyed my time working with the Administration here in SWC and doing would I could to support the players in the development of this game.  I will not be gone entirely, as I will be joining the Universe Team and devote my development efforts to the in-character and roleplay development of the Combine.

Thank you all for your support and for keeping me in-line when it was necessary and I will look forward to working with the players in Universe development and playing alongside the community once again.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.



I (on behalf of the entire team) wish to thank Arete for his work on the SWCombine Administration over the last few years. Under his new handle, Arete will be assisting on the Universe Team, Join Requests and other miscellaneous tasks as needing to be done, along with being the joint NPC team leader with Ellias.

Thanks Again Arete! :)  
(Edited by Gav on Year 15 Day 60)
(Posted by Gav on Year 15 Day 56 21:13)

The server which hosts all of the staff @swcombine.com emails has gone down temporarily.

For the moment, anything being sent to those emails needs to be DMed to a member of the administration, or placed into a support ticket.


(Edited by Hondo Maximus on Year 15 Day 58)