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Player Administration

Handle change (Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 178)
Year 18 Day 178, 15:11 Baugrems has changed a players handle: Xeth`re Skarte to Drath`re Skal. Adjust your love letters and wante...

It should go without saying... harassment is not tolerated (Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 178)
Baugrems banned player Joi Belos providing the following reason: Harassment Joi can submit to support for an unban in one month. ...

Double-ban Thursday (Posted by Sid on Year 18 Day 171)
 1 Year 18 Day 171, 21:11 Sid banned player Herat Akkik providing the following reason: Mu...

Community News

Weekly Deathmatch + Grudge Update (Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 141)
As the title would imply, Deathmatch has advanced to the next round and grudges have been refreshed with a new round. Submit your...

Unknown Signal - Community Event (Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 142)
For those who saw the Unknown Signal GNS:   Send a DM to Baugrems when you find a ship and all bandits have been destroy...

New Deathmatch! (Posted by Sid on Year 18 Day 133)
Jessy James has been chosen as the Deathmatch Champion! A new match has opened, but we are still in search of Grudge Matches. S...

Technical News

QA Team Next Phase Candidates Have Been Selected (Posted by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 18 Day 176)
Thank you all to those who applied and if you do not have a DM from me do not despair.  Over 40 applications were received a...

Sync Report - Year 18 Day 175 (Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 175)
Update to revision aad28df6029c51148c3ef795a3eaead8bfadd0c0 (+47) WS: - Added current crewlist entries to Inventory/Entity resour...

Applications to join the QA team are now open. Applications are Closed. (Posted by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 18 Day 157)
The development team needs you to test for the Combine!     Due to the rather active coders we have right now, as well ...

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 141 0:07)

As the title would imply, Deathmatch has advanced to the next round and grudges have been refreshed with a new round. Submit your grudges before next week.


(Edited by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 212)

Thank you all to those who applied and if you do not have a DM from me do not despair.  Over 40 applications were received and I did my best to get a variety of different kinds of minds to be able to test properly.

A big congratulations to the new QA Team members in no particular order:

Victor O`Cuinn

Tavarius Kalia

Ling Reen

Xesh Randell

Kelmanis Vaan

Benjamin Najman

Krakonico Petermind

Christine Apothesis

Obi Wan Soares

Ma Csa


Thank you all,


(Edited by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 18 Day 188)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 175 22:45)

Update to revision aad28df6029c51148c3ef795a3eaead8bfadd0c0 (+47)

- Added current crewlist entries to Inventory/Entity resource

- Added ctool for dstroyedentities table (#4446)
- Fix for recycling hanging action (#4439)
- Fix undefined variable on chat page
- Fix crash on dev showing race page undefined values
- Jobsdaily crash when trying to deal with banned players (#4435)
- Query missing where entityType in equipment screen item lookup causing crash in city (#4432)
- Add EntityContainerAdmin for debugging item-in-city locations (#4432)
- fincome debt sale should become an auction, not a sale on the NPC market (#4426)
- Add debt field to facility ctool to allow testing bug (#4426)
- Deploy Tent code doesn't exist anymore, removed code that allowed the deploy button to show up for tents (#4423)
- Make ProductionAction more strict about amounts it accepts (#4425)
- Make code always regenerate batchQuantity if it has invalid value #2 (#4425)
- Make code always regenerate batchQuantity if it has invalid value (#4425)
- Added ProductionItemAdmin to view/edit production queue on dev (#4425)
- ProductionItem will now crash if quantity is set to an invalid value to help debug a bug (#4425)
- Production will now crash if quantity is set to an invalid value to help debug a bug (#4425)
- More bugs relating to items with bad owners when room travelling, adding stronger error checking (#4421)
- Combat crashing out when players ship dies and tries and fails to fire escape pods (#4415)
- SQL Exception on events page when setting limits negative (#4414)
- Include fatal errors reporting in error handler (#4412)
- Updated admin tool for spawning and inspecting ground bandits (#4409)
- Moved travel fix tool into source control (#4411)
- Inventory/Entity/Property switch statement flows through (Web API Forum)
- Types/Creature resource inconsistencies with terrain names (Web API Forum)
- Types/Creature resource lacks images (Web API Forum)
- Types/Weapons resource lacks large images (Web API Forum)
- Force training kept restarting if you didn't click away from the page
- Fix hire npc view crash when station/facility does not have any valid NPC types to hire (#4396)
- Trophy loot drop price restored (#4402)
- Facility Income Taxes crashing out with error due to corrupt planet location (#3264, #4400)
- JS Notifications throw red errors when received
- Make notification poller not pop up red ajax error flash (Forums)
- regression in repair time caused by incorrect material counts (IRC)
- Fix unable to atmo travel when on planet with no atmo (IRC)
- Remove ES6 default function arguments from countdown timer JS as it breaks on older browsers (Forums)
- timers not showing in obscure browsers (IRC)
- Travel cross terrain screen not showing properly (#4398)  

The development team needs you to test for the Combine!     Due to the rather active coders we have right now, as well as real life and IC responsibilities rearing its ugly head for myself as well as causing a number of team members to go inactive we are looking for 4 or 5 players with experience in vast parts of the game, or who are willing to learn to help to test bug fixes and other assorted things we want... tested.     

Along with recruiting we are also going to be a change in how we approach getting testing work on new features from a decidedly passive approach to a more proactive “polite nagging” of active coders to get features tested as much as possible.  Which changes some responsibilies of new testers.   I'm not going to take players who I will presume to be released onto the Development Server and just play around spawning SSDs or something.     

Full training will be given, especially on the tools you will be using to test things, and you will be paid 7,000-9,000 CP's a month depending on your activity and work done.  

Applications will be open for about 2 weeks ending on D171 at 22:00 game time.   Responsibilities include:  Taking heavy criticism from the player base, idling on IRC at #swc-dev when possible for any requests for immediate testing, checking the bugbase when possible to test the validity of bugs, and various other tasks.   

Anyone interested needs to email me (simkindragoneel@gmail.com) with why they should be on the QA team, preferably answering the following questions:    

1) What is your handle?

2) How long have you been with the Combine?  

3) Why do you want to join the QA Team?  

4) What skills do you think you can bring to the QA Team?  

5) What country do you live in?  

6) How much time can you spend on the Combine in general and helping in particular?  

7) Were you involved in any projects that would qualify you for the position?  

8) Can you spend time every day/other day idling on #swc-dev to help test things as needed?  

9) Anything else we should know about/can help your application?

I will review your applications and I will be selecting 10 players to advance to the next step of questions, of the ones that answer those questions 4 or 5 will be invited to join the team.   

Applications will only be accepted via email to prevent DM overload.  QUESTIONS about the QA team can be DM’d to myself or senior QA members Kay Dalben or Kerri Manchester.  You can also find me on IRC by the nickname “Sims”.   

Thank you much!     Sims


Edit: Applications are now closed.  I will sort out candidates for the next phase of the process.  Applicants that make it to stage 2 will recieve a DM from me before D177.

Statistics: Applications recieved 40+.    

(Edited by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 18 Day 172)
(Posted by Erek on Year 18 Day 168 18:06)

While there was a general consensus among the ASIM team that the "Tabder" should be renamed, and while the best intentions were at play in renaming the ship to honor Selatos, the team member doing so didn't confirm their actions with anyone else.

The "Tabder-class Heavy Frieghter" is being renamed to the "Mammoth-class Heavy Hauler."  

The latest sync introduced a bug where the cockpit link to the "Cross Terrain" page will not work. This will be fixed for the next time we sync, in the meantime you can access that page using this link (click here).

Similarly, If you are around a planet that has no atmosphere and cannot travel in the atmosphere; you can go to this link (click here) to access it.

You may get an error after starting travel, but refreshing the page will show you are traveling fine.


Sid Edit: This is still a known issue and has been fixed for the next sync.  

(Edited by Sid on Year 18 Day 165)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 153 21:20)

Update to revision ec95ab65a3468873175d7d040d69852d0c7236d8 (+34)

- material requirements price is no longer manually calculated, now calculated from materials list each time (#4394)
- Make new character skill reset functionality nicer
- Fix material requirements admin tool from clobbering material stats without confirmation (#4390)
- HandleCheck resource claims to accept UIDs but throws an error when passed a UID (Unreported)
- Tool to fix entities giving 'Bad containerTypeID for Room
- Fix exploit where can dock without hangar/docking bay fitted (#4384)
- Time/Real API resource expects a CGT time to be passed in as a number (Unreported)
- Many WS routes claimed to be ratelimited despite not actually being ratelimited
- Fix issue where repair action hangs when repairing a ship without RM requirements set e.g. CP ships (#4368)
- Added missing fields to FacilityTypeAdmin tool (IRC)
- fixed a hilariosly inefficient exploit that allows infinite RM by recycling cargo containers
- Fix caption not showing for room maps on rules pages (#4378)
- Fixed countdown timers (like travel timers and fire delays) becoming inaccurate after being open for a while (#4375)
- Lisp get-type-of entity call crashing when bad data passed in (#4371)  

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 142 20:26)

For those who saw the Unknown Signal GNS:


Send a DM to Baugrems when you find a ship and all bandits have been destroyed in system. Four are available to find. Will announce when all are claimed. Good Luck!

Edit: All four have been claimed! Winners will be announced (no hiding your new toys, for now) in a new Sim/GNS news soon. Thanks to those who participated.  

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 152)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 149 11:34)

Update to revision 27038b81b8f139b8da2f169fdf71807bb0e1d77f (+108)

- Added link to actions tab of the position page to control menu

- Assignment reasons don't always show to both parties involved in the events. (#4376)
- Throwing 500 response despite no error in some WS routes (Unreported)
- Remove plus symbol from skill level column in character creation, because it is confusing (#4337)
- php Error message visible on banner exchange page (#4365)
- Fix pause station production in inventory button broken (#4366)
- Make large room maps load faster (#4088)
- Make room map admin tool more scalable so it can handle really large room maps without crashing (#4088)
- (WS) Added additional response codes to Slim Framework to accommodate response code issues in version in use (Unreported)
- Fix corrupted squadded ships becoming unplaced when loading the cockpit (#4364)
- Menu breaks when aboard a ship that is unplaced (#4364)
- Undefined method in Inventory/Entity/Property route (Unreported)
- A number of authentication-related bug fixes to Inventory/Tags resource (Unreported)
- A number of other bug fixes to Inventory/Tag/Tag resource (Unreported)
- Inventory/Entity/Tag/Tag route uri parsing fails due to case sensitivity (Unreported)
- Some faction types missing produce in facilities and produce in stations privileges on privilege assignment screen (#4272)
- Removed "Set Inactivity Period" from faction menu due to it serving no purpose (Unreported)
- Galactic museum not listed in available destinations for NPC Transport (#3353)
- some actions crashing randomly and being rolled back when they should not be (#4350)
- Room IDs can get mangled when listener interrupts fetch rooms within their handler, causing all sorts of weirdness, e.g. events going to wrong rooms (#4354)
- Sentry droids do not log leaving an entity (#3657)
- Can view room events about all entities of a given type by deploying a sentry droid. (#4354)
- Fix some hung mining and travel actions, these probably dont affect players (#4357)
- Mining action incorrectly reports out of credits when unknown errors occur (#4326)
- Sentry droid can be undeployed by anyone (#3657)
- Sentry droid events miscolored, no events for leaving an entity (#3657)
- Ship/Station recycling return wrong amount of RMs (#4344)
- Finish auction code misses case where bidder missing credits (#4353)
- Finish auction code has undefined var (#4353)
- Market bids not revoked upon death/dissolution of bidder (IRC)
- Clean up market finish auction code to handle bad entities (#4353)
- After successful abort/pause/resume link fails to complete new action for same entity (#4352)
- taking incorrect asteroid damage when jumping into hyperspace from asteroids (#4342)
- RM inventory gives error about missing protection field for use in sorting/grouping due to RMs not being able to be protected (SWC Error Reporter)
- Creature inventory gives error about missing protection field for use in sorting/grouping due to creatures not being able to be protected (SWC Error Reporter)
- Aborting recycling of a wreck crashes. (#4345)
- Can tractor entities being recycled. (#4346)
- Fix bug when factory/station is retooling causing inventory crash (#4351)
- Inventory crashes when item aboard hostile ship (#4348)  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 140 22:15)

- Added remote recycling abort option to inventory
- Added remote production resume/abort/pause options to inventory
- Inventory/Entity/Property route permits pausing/resuming/aborting remotely of more actions (production, recycling (aborting only))
- Recycling stations can recycle entities at their same location in addition to those docked inside of them.
- added special room map images for Crystal Caves

- Hide entities that are not partyable from the squadron screen (such as capital ships which cannot be partied)
- clicking 'travel' when in cockpit in hyperspace shows error, now shows hyperspace screen (#4331)
- Existing factions sometimes lack newly created privs being assigned to their leaders. (#4338)
- Inventory/Entity/Tags/Tag resource collides with Inventory/Entity/Tags resource (Unreported)
- Fixing various bugs with lisp is-owner and co, planet-name and co (reported on IRC)
- When party leader dies in combat, party members disappear due to corrupt entity location (#4335)
- WS routes looking for permissions that don't exist (Unreported)
- WS documentation shows different permissions needed than it actually checks for (Unreported)
- Fix another crash on rules page when race has no bonus skills (unreported)
- Fix crash on rules page when race has empty bonus skills (unreported)
- Make entityLocation more strict about split parties, will now throw errors if code tries to split a party without first kicking members. This can be disabled by an admin property if it is too intrusive. (#4292)
- Cookie consent appears on every frame when viewing pages with multiple frames (#3587)
- Inventory infinite loop when stack of items is unpositioned (#4330)
- typo in facility type constant for workers compound
- Assigning through Inventory/Entity/Property resource creates events without specified reasons. Will now identify API client that caused event where reasons in events are supported (Unreported)
- Inventory/Entities route filtering by tags gives no results. (Unreported)
- Empty response in WS when lacking authentication tokens (Unreported)
- fixed being unable to force heal if your party had a droid in it
- cannot unload ships/vehicles into another ship/vehicle when you are commander or owner but not pilot (#4322)
- fix issue where ships you can't board show up on the boarding lists, e.g. when ascending (#2141)
- Simultaneous combat reports now come out in the correct order on events page (#2848)
- Room view crashes when item with bad owner is in same room, replaced with message to contact support (Reported on forums)
- Exceptions thrown on WS documentation (#4315)
- Remove old repair link from cockpit & remove cockpit repair frame, correct link is in menu under production (reported on IRC)
- Fixed NPC market bugs, crashes when auction mode finishes causing bids to not-work (#4314)
- market auction finishing with invalid bidder causes InvalidArgumentException (#4314)
- Menu crashing on dev server when character hasnt selected start location (entity->getContainer crashing) (#4313)
- Rate limit error codes conflict with general API error codes leading to confusion (Web API Forum)
- Rate limits appear to work, but limit is too low to be practical to use with large inventories. (Unreported)
- add faction dissolution event showing dissolution timer duration when not in danger of dissolution (#3626, #4305)
- Fix IFF Crash when invalid owner ship nearby (#4309)
- patrol action bugging out when leader variable is unset (unreported)
- Fix another inventory tree list related issue, when cargo container
- Fix undocking cargo from facilities not working into ships around top or left border of facilities (#3442)
- Inventory tree list crashes when sorting by planet, packaged item type; fixed crash, still slightly broken tho (#4197)
- Sensor range is calculated slightly incorrectly, some squares were considered in range when they were not, due to rounding error (#4288)
- Fixed issue where entities could be tractored while doing other actions such as recycling (#4298)
- Existing production actions failing due to undefined variable (#4299)
- Removed persistent notification that a browser does not support desktop-style notifications (Unreported)  

(Posted by Sid on Year 18 Day 133 20:35)

Jessy James has been chosen as the Deathmatch Champion!

A new match has opened, but we are still in search of Grudge Matches. Submit yours today!

The Grudges have opened!  

(Edited by Sid on Year 18 Day 135)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 125 1:24)

Update to revision 160c6c3680c0eb1bfe6d382c1bee36bc5008be9a (+110)

- R&D has been redesigned to use a tech tree mechanic in which players will use research points to unlock higher level ships over time. This is currently in beta on the dev server and a full release is planned for 2018
- Space combat beta has been released for fighters, gunboats, and corvettes. You may fight bandits that you find in deep space asteroid fields. Most fighters have had their stats updated to perform an initial round of damage balance
- Creature husbandry has been introduced. You may now breed any two creatures you own, to create unique cross-breeds. More details are available on the rules page. We look forward to seeing Squall Dragons and Rancor Berries
- Prime matchmaking has been added to Derra. Players who now verify their cell phone number and reach level 30 will be eligible for special PvP drops

- You may only use images for your avatar that match your character's race. The Spying Rules have been updated to reflect this
- New gender options have been added to reflect the diversity in the SW Universe. You may now also choose between male, female, both, neither, non-binary, stargender, attack helicopter, navy seal, Rick Astley, and Iron Fist
- In-game actions will no longer award XP. Instead it will be given out through a community voting process. See the Life and Death rules for more information
- The HP equation has been updated to account for high level players being effectively invulnerable to artillery and Krayt Dragons. All HP has been divided by 10. See the Life and Death rules for more information
- Hyper travel times have been increased by an average of 250% to balance against combat, see the Movement rules for more information
- All sniper rifle damage has been increased by 10%
- Due to balance problems for low-level players, the HP equation has been rewritten again. All entity HP has been increased by a factor of 10. See the Life and Death rules for more information
- The Diplomacy/Trading skill has been renamed to Speechcraft
- All combat skills have been merged and renamed to Warcraft

- Production automatically multinames entities. There is now a checkbox to control this behavior. Default is to not multiname. (#3009)
- Added ability to interact with actions that can be paused/aborted/resumed via inventory to Inventory/Entity/Property resource. (Web API Forum)
- Added show_room_map property to facilities which controls whether the room map is visible on the rules page
- The sector boundaries have been updated to be "smoother." This should not have affected the sector membership of any systems
- Unionization has been added for medical items. Only players who have spent more than 40 hours logged in may use medical items. Medical factions may enter into union negotiations with galactic government approval to change this
- Lightsaber damage has been removed. Lightsaber attacks will now kill players in one hit
- Ewoks have returned as a playable race that can only be selected after returning from a ban
- All sniper rifles now deal 10% less damage

- The Suggestions forum has been closed and all posts will be archived. Game suggestions should be posted on the bug base and Force suggestions should be DMed to Mikel von Bianchi
- The forums have been disabled for iOS users
- Players who answer incorrectly in the "Questions for Admin" forum will receive a one week forum ban

- Foray Blockade runners have been fixed and can now actually run blockades (i.e. go through shields, taking 10-100% hull damage, randomly)
- Updated desktop notification code to work in Safari, Firefox and Chrome without needing plugins (#3616)
- Wrecked ships will no longer regenerate ionic capacity or shields (Unreported)
- NPC-owned wrecks can be tractored without needing to be assigned to them (Unreported)
- Undefined index in forum search (Unreported)
- Forum SQL Error for invalid search type (#4297)
- Fixed an issue where race multiplier affected HP. All races now correctly have the same HP (Unreported)
- Recycling gives XP to current pilot rather than character who started the action (#4296)
- Inventory/Entity incorrectly lists tags (Unreported)
- Stations do not show weapons in inventory (#4286)
- Using bacta ryfills with a bacta tank affects the player who put the NPC into the tank rather than the NPC (#4290)
- Can tractor things not at your location (IRC)
- Arrest and execute has been removed. This was a test feature intended only for the dev server that should not have made it to main (IRC)
- removed unnecessary padding from room map background
- Can access character skill reset via NPCs under level 3 (#4287)
- Faction undefined in Inventory/Entities resource (Unreported)
- Action timers have been removed because they were causing too many errors. They have been replaced by a tick system that runs every 3 minutes and performs an accurate quantum simulation of 10 seconds of the game universe(IRC, email, bugs #100-175, and several drunk voicemails from Syn)
- More descriptive errors added to WS for ease of tracking down bugs (Unreported)
- Can combine power of PGs under construction and use it to power additional facilities (#3380)
- Some NPC-only races weren't listed as eligible custom NPCs (#4276)

This is a really exciting sync for us because we are releasing a rather unexpected feature. A sort of space combta beta has been added, wherein you may hunt down bandits who spawn in asteroid fields and destroy them in fighters, corvettes, and gunboats. Ship stats for these entities have been updated as a first pass at making this fun to do, but they are not balanced for long term PvP yet, and the PvP rules will require additional design as we extend combat to include capital ships. Repair on space ships will be required for any damage you take, and destroyed ships will leave behind wrecks that can be recycled.

I'm also thrilled to announce that we have signed a book deal to publish a hardcopy of the SWC rules on Amazon, with the first edition being printed in mid summer and retailing for $59.99. The book will feature a pencil and paper version of Ellias's Production Calculator, it will include more than two dozen relocatable filler pages for future errata, and comes with a 3 inch pewter Gorn Veynom figurine. We're finalizing the cover art and expect it to look like


Update: Most of the sync was part of an April Fools' Day joke, however several real items were included in a sync that was done at the same time. The sync report has been updated with the fake items striked out.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 18 Day 127)