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Player Administration

"Rule Breakers, would you stand up, please?" (Posted by Sid on Year 18 Day 293)
 1 Year 18 Day 293, 8:44 Sid banned player Eeda Matura providing the following reason: Mul...

Three strikes, you're out. Multi offenses and more (Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 291)
 1 Year 18 Day 291, 20:16 Baugrems banned player Grissom Brrood providing the following re...

Too many chances, too many multis (Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 220)
 1 Year 18 Day 220, 23:02 Baugrems banned player Xakic Ragnos providing the following reas...

Community News

Science Feud Part 1 - Complete! (Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 286)
Twilight Foundation has secured a victory for part one. All four phases are now completed. Active droids will still be available ...

Phase 4 of the Feud (Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 284)
Both teams are now in the final phase. Destroy enemy droids (or your own if you hate winning) and finish it up! Capture or Destro...

The Feud Continues... Phases 3 and 4 (Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 274)
Hey Everyone!   Both teams have been pushing hard and now it is time for phase 3! That said it is time for some DETAILS....

Technical News

Photobucket & offsite linked custom images (Posted by Jevon Lambright on Year 18 Day 221)
UPDATE 2: If you have photobucket customs that need replaced, you should now submit the image first through the new custom syst...

Sync Report Year 18 Day 280 (Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 280)
Update to revision 0f04b5c2c1a85a7cbd06a7ae392ef45011685313 (+143) Rules: - Clarified that character you want to execute must be ...

Rules Notice - Golden Rule Addendum (Posted by Erek on Year 18 Day 277)
All, Any attempt to abuse official events by camping 'choke points' or renaming entities to appear similar to Darkness- or Ques...

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 286 8:53)

Twilight Foundation has secured a victory for part one. All four phases are now completed. Active droids will still be available for capture and you all can claim your rewards soon.

Tomorrow morning Combine time you can start visiting your Droid commanders inside starports to claim end-of-quest rewards. Both sides can do this.

Galactic Rewards and Impact:
Also starting tomorrow morning Combine time you will see a new generic DC available for purchase plus a new enemy will appear in bandit squads for you to loot.

A GNS will be posted tonight featuring story end game and show you next steps for Part two.


Edit: if you spoke to npc and did not get a reward, it will be provided soon.


Edit Edit: http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=74058&page=0 Discussion thread!  

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 287)
(Posted by Jevon Lambright on Year 18 Day 221 11:27)


If you have photobucket customs that need replaced, you should now submit the image first through the new custom system and, once approved, let Ulrike know. You'll need to get the SWC URL for the image which can be obtained from the new "Customs List" under the CP page, along with the IDs of the matching entities that need their image replaced.

If you need to replace a custom item image, you need to upload the image as Art instead of Custom Item. Custom Item images will not show up in the queue and we will not issue refunds for people who upload using Custom Item as the image type.



Photobucket has been ramping up their "no offsite linking" rule. In an effort to keep the galaxy free of terrible looking speed dials, Ulrike will be offering a limited service. If you have a broken custom image that shows the photobucket offsite link error image (ONLY these please, regular broken links are not applicable for this service) send a Dm to Ulrike about your images with the URLs of the images you are replacing, & the entity IDs. You are limited to 3, and only 3, ID replacements per week. Multiple entities with the same image ID will have to be split up due to the backend nature of the process. Ulrike will walk you through the refund & resubmission. its not exactly simple, fast, or ideal, however this will hopefully assist some of you.


To all of you custom appliers in this colorful galaxy,


Photobucket has begun banning offsite linking for those of you with free accounts. This will obviously affect a number of older customs. Ulrike and I, in looking at te list of applied customs, have seen its effects already.


To this end, all of you with old photobucket images will want to save local copies of your customs. In the near future we will be deleting & refunding brokenn image links, and keeping the images saved now may help you allieviate some of the headache. 

That is all.


Sid Edit: typo  

(Edited by Sid on Year 18 Day 284)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 284 14:10)

Both teams are now in the final phase. Destroy enemy droids (or your own if you hate winning) and finish it up! Capture or Destroy!


Winner of thise Phase will be winning team. Rewards are ready to go..  

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 274 23:19)

Hey Everyone!


Both teams have been pushing hard and now it is time for phase 3! That said it is time for some DETAILS.


Phase 3: Every civic center in the galaxy has a droid commander that will give you some equipment and instructions. Every DARKNESS or QUEST planet has at least 12 droids on it. You can speak to them as if they were an NPC.

Twilight: Activate your BN-D0 Assassins and deactivate the GenSci R0-L0 Tank Droids.

GenSci: Activate your R0-L0 Tank Droids and deactive the Twilight Assassins.

In total I have placed 500 droids in the galaxy.


Phase 4: Once enough (number not public) droids have been activated both teams will enter phase 4. This is the combat phase. Kill enemy droids but leave your own side's droids alone! Capture or kill until they are all taken care of around the galaxy. First side to conquer all active enemy droids wins.



Stuff. Though I will say prizes are more of a galactic scale than individual scale. Even if you didn't participate you might see some of the results.


Edit: Added Commanders to Starports. Both teams on phase 3. No more phase 2 rewards available.  

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 280)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 280 13:45)

Update to revision 0f04b5c2c1a85a7cbd06a7ae392ef45011685313 (+143)

- Clarified that character you want to execute must be in your party

- fixing truthiness in put-item return val
- fixing namespace for exception catching
- adding Exception message to put-item in case of failure
- added put-item to move items into containers
- adding ability to send admin events and get generic admin object
- added admin crewlist functions
- renamed container to entity in create-entity

- Added ability to set infofields via API (Web API Forum)
- Added generic web service identifier to DMs sent via API client

- Made heading clickable on manage tags page to toggle checkboxes (Suggestions forum)
- Recycling entities can now be queued in recycling stations
- Added crateable item property
- Changed privs required to view requestor-side "Build Request Accepted" events to the relevant can construct priv from the "build request" priv (Website Suggestions Forum)
- Added large customs to rules pages (Website Suggestions Forum)
- Assorted improvements to repair events (Suggestions Forum)
- Added index to productionItem ctool, added ability to search by leader ID
- Newly started production will take costs from and give produced entities to the owner of the producing entity, making production more like mining and recycling which already do this. (Suggestions Forum)
- Added city coordinates to CCC Manage Shields page (#4406)
- Added Infotext to ctool (editable and searchable)
- Added infotext to faction owner asset (un)protection interface.
- Added infotext to the scanner view for Droids/NPCs/Creatures for those who are eligible to see it. (#3560)
- Added infotext to the position view for Droids/NPCs/Creatures for those who are eligible to see it. (#3560)
- Merging from inventory will now merge all eligible piles that are selected and ignore ineligible ones (Suggestions Forum)
- Changed Custom NPC Approval tool from an NPC Team tool to an Art Team tool

- Fixed exploit allowing any character to be loaded into a bacta tank
- More CSV Inventory export fixes (#3331)
- CSV Output often has incorrect numbers of fields for rows (#3331)
- Error when sending arrest event when arrest on NPC fails and is in a room (#4526)
- Fixing another menu crash (#4519)
- Fixed some construction eventtypes incorrectly recorded as general events (#4517)
- Fix for menu crash on dev server (#4519)
- Added line to recycling rules page about cargo containers and escape pods not returning RMs (#4513)
- Empty Cargo container was spawned when recycling generates no RM (#4513)
- Fixing recycling regression where large piles would not fill an EVS properly (#4514)
- Repair events are an undefined type (#4510)
- Repair shows non-materials as required resources (#4508)
- Missing line break in recycling events (Unreported)
- Fixed bug where Unload button would show when unloading is impossible e.g in space (#4498)
- Fixed bug where crash when no entity selected for loading docked vehicles into (#4498)
- Deathmatch pages do not update the top menu properly as you change pages. (Unreported)
- Can upvote your own forum posts (#4401)
- Forum undefined variable when not logged in (Error Reporter)
- DragonCon2005 page undefined variable (Error Reporter)
- Markets owned by an Admin faction in an NPC-city do not allow to the NPC market (#4413)
- Added nonce to faction salary payment screen to prevent double-payments (#4491)
- Typos in equipment position view error/success messages. (Unreported)
- Command
- Scanning items from cockpit is messed up. (#4428)
- Bandit wrecks do not show up in the docking bay when docked. (#4310)
- Executing NPCs owned by the market fails AND no events generated for owner of NPCs when they're executed (#4495 & #1504)
- Removed inconsistent decimals from combat health bars (#4492)
- Cockpit scanner view shows shield bars for entities with no shields (Unreported)
- Could accept join requests without an HQ (#4496)
- Typos/Clarifications to Recycling rules (Unreported)
- Equipment page select all by type (and show/hide) fails when type has a space in the name (#4493)
- Fixed issue where bandit NPCs would be stuck in loop trying to get into range to attack (#4461)
- stop scanner crashing when travel action exists without valid path (#4461)
- Mass inventory merging of multiple pages of results crashes (#4484)
- Incorrect error when using non-existent property (#4487)
- Many entities missing large images (#3747)
- Summary view errors for RMs (IRC)
- Added missing event for change in HP as result of cybernetic operation (#4479)
- Typo in cybernetic preparation events (#4479)
- Clicking on movement from the ground travel scanner page does not permit clicking on the map to choose a destination (#4478)
- Mounted weapons aren't to have images (#3747)
- Event for merging RM piles through the inventory throws error (Unreported)
- ctool added discovered field for RaceAdmin (#3411)
- Revoking DCs revokes the DC, but requires page refresh to remove entry on page (#3878)
- Fix minor crashes in assistant actions tool (Unreported)
- Fix minor crash in inventory when asset image fails to draw (Unreported)
- Improved performance of event sanitizing when lots of events are created in one request (#3437)
- Fix bug with repair crashing room travel (#4480)
- Fixing issues when explosives are used with mining (#4477)
- Fixed a bug that allowed shows attack button between incompatible types (#4440)
- Fixed a bug that allowed combat between incompatible types (#4440)
- Links in some events link to wrong inventory (#1504)
- No assign event for faction-owned entities assigned via inline edit (#1504)
- Entity delete code was notifying construction action based on incorrect entitytype, causing construction to spam events about recalculating ETA (#4476)
- WS PHP SDK page throws errors (#4455)
- Fixed issue on dev server cargo view deleting piles (#4473)
- Do not draw descend travel view when not over planet (#4424)
- Disabled code that finishes travel actions on cockpit/position pages as they were causing database deadlocks (#4397)
- Fixed a bug where faction leaders could keep the ones they cared about from dying, ironic that the only people they cared about was themselves (#4449)
- Crash when attempting space combat with unknown target (#4450)
- Accessing old iff page caused crash (#4470)
- Tents show deploy button when they shouldn't (#4452)
- Internal action crash when removing entity from travel without valid travel leader (#4464)
- Sent messages get deleted when recipient deletes them, now always shows for sender regardless of recipient deletion (#4459)
- Fix crash when hailing stations (#4469)
- Cannot repair facility due to party issue (#4467)
- Can create squads of droids/npcs, but cannot add droids to existing squads (Unreported)
- Fix party view crash when trying to add to squad without selecting a squad (#4468)
- Crash when trying to tractor and can see a character (#4466)
- Error handler should catch PHP warnings (#4457)
- some factions not showing their datacards on the Rules
- Location API resource response cleanup, standardization, and documentation updates (Unreported)
- Adjusted old custom list to current custom system and added link under CP Exchange (Unreported)
- Fixed tool to manage custom image records (Unreported)
- Fix fatal error in enumTransactionSource
- off by one error in transaction->release causing production actions to crash with weird error (#4350)  

(Posted by Erek on Year 18 Day 277 21:43)


Any attempt to abuse official events by camping 'choke points' or renaming entities to appear similar to Darkness- or Quests-owned containers will be undone and (from this point on) punished.

The reversal that occured was a YT-2k named 'GenSci Institute HQ' parked directly next to the actual container. The ship trapped two players, those players have been released and the ship renamed by staff.

"Hoist the colors, boys! We're going incognito!"  

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 141 0:07)

As the title would imply, Deathmatch has advanced to the next round and grudges have been refreshed with a new round. Submit your grudges before next round.


(Edited by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 272)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 260 2:27)

Two new GNS posts have gone up in case you missed them. Start donating to your team!

Volunteers can be found in any Starport in the galaxy.

Edit: Twilight has reached phase two! GenSci is in a panic and has hired more accountants to process more donations per day. Get those credits in to catch up!

Edit2: GenSci has also reached phase two now. New hints added for both sides. Talk to a volunteer.

UPDATE: Y18 D269 16:56 It is no longer strictly necessary to donate in order to support a side (it will net you 500XP though). You can join in directly at GenSci or Twilight's HQs, if you convince a friendly member of GenSci or Twilight to reveal the location.   Onboard their HQ you can talk to an NPC who will allow you to become either a Twilight Supporter or GenSci Supporter and join in on what's known as "Phase 2", without having to donate.

Report any bugs to Kay Dallben and Baugrems.  

(Edited by Kay Dallben on Year 18 Day 269)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 259 12:59)

A big thanks to Sims for manning the QA team previously. Kay Dallben is now director of the QA team. Any inquiries should be directed to him about testing and cp pay for those who are team members.


That is all.  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 245 14:25)

There is a hardware issue with one of our servers that requires it be migrated, so SWC will be down for less than half an hour in about 25 minutes in order to do the migration.

Update: We are back online. 

(Edited by Selatos on Year 18 Day 245)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 240 23:09)

My apologies for the delay, but I think we had delays last time too.

Our new asim will be Aetius Morbus, and Sid and Baugrems will be returning for a second tour of duty. We debated whether their return should be made public before applications or not and settled on leaving it as unknown in order to avoid discouraging people who saw that only one spot was available this time around. In the future, I think we will stick to this policy, and only if all three asims elect to remain on board will we forego applications entirely (along with a message explaining this).

Thank you to everyone who submitted applications; I'm sorry we don't have room for everyone as an asim, but there are other teams and opportunities to help out before the next round of applications that I would encourage you to investigate.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 18 Day 240)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 217 10:17)

Hello everyone, the first six month asim term has expired, more or less, and so we are back to recruiting new ones. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the way this has turned out--we saw much higher average activity levels from the new asims than in the past, and much less burnout due to being able to return to their characters now that this is over. To remind everyone, here are the rules for the six month asim terms:

  • Newly hired asims are not required to irrevocably drop their character. Instead, their characters are suspended for the duration of being an asim.
  • Asims have no IC activity related to their character while working for the administration.
  • Asims will have a defined period of service of six months after which a new group of asims will be hired. There is no limit on the number of terms if reselected.
  • Applications will be in January and July, with asims working from February through the end of July and then August through January of next year.
  • Compensation in the form of Combine Points will be provided for asims who remain active and effective throughout their service period.
  • Asims are required to use IRC and must be active in staff channels as that is how the majority of decisions are made.
  • Asims duties center around helping players affected by bugs, handling support tickets, and dealing with rules violations. There will be opportunities for asims to assist in designing RP opportunities for SWC at large, along with participating in discussion on game features before they are announced or implemented.
Remember that current asims are allowed to re-apply and may be re-selected.

Applications should be submitted via Darkness Message to me, Arjuna, and Erek. Please answer the following questions in your application.
SWC-specific questions:

  • What is your Combine handle?
  • How long have you played SWC?
  • What have you done IC so far (including previous characters)? What are you working on currently, and what is your position with your faction?
  • Why do you want to become an asim?
  • Are you involved in any other online games or RPGs of a similar nature? If so please describe your position and responsibilities
  • Please provide three references of SWC members who are not on the administration team that have been in the game for at least two years.

Real-life questions:
  • Where do you live?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your occupation?
  • How much time would you like to volunteer per week on improving SWC?
  • Have you performed administrative duties in the past or organized groups/events?
  • Who is your favorite DotA, HotS, or Overwatch hero and why?

We will be accepting applications through July 16th, 2017, and the selected asims will be announced on the 23nd. They will then have until the 31st to wrap up IC activity and will join the team on the 1st of August.