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Player Administration

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Community News

Calling on all roleplayers! (Posted by Roan Axios on Year 16 Day 50)
The White Scenario (WS) team is looking for new moderators and trainers!  You might have noticed a bit of a downturn in ac...

Come one, Come all! Art Classes for the masses! (Posted by Jevon Lambright on Year 16 Day 35)
Onasha has taken it upon himself to begin a set of art classes aimed at encouraging new artists, or low to mid-level skilled arti...

NPC team needs YOU for quests (Posted by Ellias Aubec on Year 16 Day 16)
With quest progression going well, the NPC team needs committed players to help us write quests for people to engage in. Initiall...

Technical News

Sync Report Y16 D77 (Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 77)
Update to revision 12a3da3164f9fe04bd3b12527589c10397ef4621 (+106) Bugs: - Fixed missing/broken tags causing sidebar corruptio...

White Scenario board offline (Posted by Syn on Year 16 Day 78)
We've received reports this weekend of the White Scenario board being offline for the last day or two. Yuku, the hosting provider...

Its NOT a Feature! (Posted by ghost on Year 15 Day 18)
When a ship is full of passenger and someone wishes to enter that ship, the option to kick a passenger is given to them.  Th...

(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 77 15:42)

Update to revision 12a3da3164f9fe04bd3b12527589c10397ef4621 (+106)

- Fixed missing/broken tags causing sidebar corruption on a number of pages
- Fixed facility coords on city designer
- Fixed top/bottom links on inventory pages
- Fixed broken NPC fitout management on NPC control page
- Fixed missing tags folder in inventory (Bug 3648)

- Updated Contact Us page with useful information
- Fixed broken image link for powered buildings on city rules
- Clarified that extracted RMs are given to mine owners
- Clarified the Kick Passenger rules and functionality for internal vs external kick.
- Many general typo fixes

- LISP Changelog: New syntax: let, lambda, module-export, load. Shareable/loadable modules, SWC libraries of useful functions
- City designer now counts facilities and has a pseudofacility for stalagmites in appropriate terrains
- Skinning system has been overhauled, several options have been removed as well as the CCom skin, which was almost identical to the green skin that replaces it.

Hotfixes: (you may have noticed these already)
- Increased weight, volume, and batch size of HSB-200 hold-out blaster pistol.

- New rules images for DL0-18, DL-56
- New RM images for inventory, rules page, & deposits.
- Planetary artwork for Tanaab, Candoria, Phu, Hjaff, & Trunska

This is a relatively small sync despite the small delay, introducing only one significant feature: scripting modules. We also made a number of of changes to how the skinning system works and tried to overhaul the way CSS is generated for and used by SWC. In the future we will include additional skins and continue refining the color palettes in order to improve the general quality of most skins, which often feature inconsistent color choices or poor contrast in many situations.

Facility repair has entered the final phases of testing and updating. It will be released to the main server during the next sync, which will be in 1 or 2 weeks. Kendall has been working very hard for several months on it and we hope to have a successful launch soon.

Since there seems to be a lot more demand than expected, the option to change which font SWC uses will be back next sync as well, along with changes for the issues with forum skins (missing styles, too small text in editing boxes) that went unnoticed until now. Sync will definitely be next weekend, maybe sooner.

Edit: Stylesheets have been updated, fixing the issues with forum display. Font options have also been restored, and a third option (Georgia) has been added.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 16 Day 81)
(Posted by Syn on Year 16 Day 78 16:25)

We've received reports this weekend of the White Scenario board being offline for the last day or two. Yuku, the hosting provider for the board, had a network-wide outage and has been in the process of bringing all of their servers back online today. According to them, "the issue is almost fixed, servers have been restarted and it's just a matter of time now until all boards are back on line."  

(Posted by ghost on Year 15 Day 18 11:16)

When a ship is full of passenger and someone wishes to enter that ship, the option to kick a passenger is given to them.  The Game will randomly select the person to kick and it can sometimes kick a Player instead of a NPC.  This is perfectly legal and is a FEATURE!

Some Players have used this to their advantage and will have a PC board a players ship and use the Kick feature repeatedly until the Player is Kicked.  This is not a feature and should not be done.   Kicking a Passenger to board a ship is completely fine.  Having your NPCs board a ship in order to kick a Player is not.  Thank You.


Arjuna Edit: Year 16 Day 66


Recently a situation has come to our attention that requires clarification of this post  

The intention of the external kick feature is to give players access to ships that are full and they cannot board normally. The feature is not intended to get access to players by kicking them off of a ship.   

-Using it on a full ship to kick an npc off so you may board it to arrest the player on board is OK

-Loading npcs or players onto a ship to make it full, then using the kick button to remove a targeted player character is NOT

-Using the kick feature on a full single person ship, with the intention of forcing the targeted player onto your own ship is NOT

-Going into the cockpit of a ship, and using the internal kick passenger button to move the target off the ship is OK

We are aware that the rules section on this is not entirely clear, it will be updated in the near future to reflect this      

(Edited by Arjuna on Year 16 Day 66)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 59 15:54)

We have a few exciting staff announcements today.

First, I'd like to congratulate our two new assistant simmasters (informally, asims), Popara Anjiliac Diresto and Cornelius vi Cron, whose government names will be Leon and Strife respectively. They will be helping with the traditional asim duties: account issues, helping players affected by bugs, rules enforcement, etc. The current asim team now consists of Erek, Ghost, Leon, Strife, and Arjuna.

I'd also like to announce a promotion for one of our current asims, Arjuna, to a full administrator position. He will be in charge of asim management and the primary contact for any abuse or complaint issues. He will also be continuing and expanding his previous work as Galaxy Director to create a more detailed and vibrant in-game universe and oversee the creation and integration of new game content such as quests, in conjunction with the asim team.

Congratulations to everyone, we look forward to working together.  

(Posted by Roan Axios on Year 16 Day 50 20:56)

The White Scenario (WS) team is looking for new moderators and trainers! 

You might have noticed a bit of a downturn in activity on the WS Board these past two years, and you're not alone in that. And if you're also thinking back to the good times you had there, especially in that one scenario with that mercenary, and that bar, and those zombies (okay, maybe not such good times for your character), then you're still not alone! Instead of commiserating with your cat while writing your character's history on the Holocron, come join "White (and Red) Scenario Veterans Support Group," otherwise known as the WS Team.

We need experienced roleplayers with strong writing ability to be Moderators and Trainers. These positions are awarded a very generous salary of CPs every month for time spent reading and evaluating posts. Prior participation in at least one White Scenario is strongly recommended, but not required to apply. Visit the Moderator / Trainer Sign-Up thread to learn more.

Ever thought about GMing?

If moderating or training just isn't your thing, but you have a hankering for a good story set in the SWC universe, please consider a stint as a GM. The Scenario Request forum awaits your proposal of most ingenious plotting through which you will be afforded the opportunity to torture and/or entertain your fellow Combiner with your creative devices.

Lost but intrigued?

For those who don't know what all of this blathering is about, the White Scenario Board is for long-form roleplay with the opportunity to earn XP for your character. WS Moderators score the posts of participants to determine how much XP to award for each (and how many CPs a GM should earn for their moderation and story guidance). You're welcome to look through the Public Viewable Scenarios section of the WS Board for examples. RP Trainers, meanwhile, take new roleplayers through a ten part training curriculum in the RPG Centre to prepare them for scenario style roleplay in any one of the Combine's RP forums.  

(Edited by Roan Axios on Year 16 Day 50)
(Posted by Syn on Year 16 Day 42 17:16)

In a recent sync, the developers added the ability to set flavor text for item types. This was implemented for the purpose of special quest items and items for in-game events, but we would like to expand flavor text to existing item types as well, for informational and entertainment purposes.

Therefore, a thread has been opened in the Work for CPs forum where all creative individuals are invited to submit suggestions for flavor text. Further instructions and information about flavor text are included in the submission thread, and small amounts of CPs will be awarded for text used and for solid suggestions in general. There is no deadline.  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 41 22:22)

Hi everyone, you may have noticed that there is a problem where you get redirected to some spam sites, sometimes. This is being caused by a bad ad being served by google; as far as I know there is nothing we can do until google resolves the issue from there end. I believe it has already been reported to them and we are just waiting for them to finish investigating. Thanks for your patience, I know this is a really annoying thing to have happening!  

(Posted by Arjuna on Year 16 Day 36 21:57)

With the increasing need for more members of the administrative team, we're once again looking to the players to find new Assistants to help with the day to day work of keeping the combine "functional"


Job description: Assisting and resolving players problems requiring manual help, using admin tools. Must be knowledgeable about the Combine and how it works. Willingness to set aside previous IC relations, to take strong player criticisms, and to spend frequent time on IRC to discuss administration actions and direction. Specifically would be working with; Ticketing system, join applications, multi-accounts, #swc-help, and player assistance. This position will require you to drop your character, and remove yourself from the IC universe. You will not be able to return to the same character later.


If interested, please email to Arjuna@swcombine.com and include the answers to the following questions:


Combine Questions


1. What is your Combine handle?

2. How long have you been with the Combine?

3. What have you done IC so far? What are you doing at the moment? What is your position in your faction?

4. Did you complete any tasks for your faction that could qualify you for the programmer team? like doing a website, setting up a member's DB or anything like this?

5. Could you name two people that have been in the Combine for at least two years who worked with you and may be willing to give a testimonial for you?

6. Why do you want to help us?

7. What do you think you can bring to the team?

8. Are you involved in any other online games, or RPGs of a similar nature? If so, please specify your position in them.


Real Life


1. Where do you live?

2. How old are you?

3. What do you do IRL?

4. How much time can you spend on the Combine in general and helping in particular?

5. Were you involved in any projects that would qualify you for the position?


Feel free to email/DM with any questions.

This posting will remain open until Year 16 Day 43  

(Edited by Syn on Year 16 Day 36)
(Posted by Syn on Year 16 Day 36 16:04)

Since the room maps tool was fixed at last, the current set of CP ships have had their final room map designs added. These were the winning designs from the room maps contest two years ago and the winners were already rewarded several months ago. If there are any issues with the maps, such as inaccessible rooms or missing room types, please file a bug report so it can be resolved. These designs were brought to you by:

Veltraa: Daisuke Haines
Strike: Temseti Wolf
Foray: Korinas Vildras
Shieldship: Adrian Kilstar
Herald: Lilith Delcroix
Dragonboat: Orgeno Kartan
Class 720: Cait Catra
578-R: Darlene Bazinga
S-250 Chela: Aiko Constantine
IRD Starfighter: Eirkefe Iyal  

(Edited by Syn on Year 16 Day 36)

Onasha has taken it upon himself to begin a set of art classes aimed at encouraging new artists, or low to mid-level skilled artists, into increasing their skillset. If you ever wanted to know how to do that one thing, or perhaps learn 2D or 3D art, now is the perfect time to do so!

Subjects include general art/image theory, 2D drawing, and 3D modeling. Their are classes for all skill levels. The link to the main schedule is here, or you can head to our public art forum:


If you have questions, DM Onasha or myself, we will be more than happy to do our best at answering.


Head Art Penguin  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 35 20:20)

Update to revision d8d43317dfffcb457a41e7a2fe13da18e49673fa

- Can no longer buy items to be auctioned before the auction begins (Bug #3640)
- Special characters displayed correctly in XML exports (Bug #3188)
- "Command: Board Entity" affects Squads now (Bug #3605 and #3606)
- Fixed broken link for the support page (Bug #3622)
- Fixed broken link for #swc-help (Bug #3623)
- If a faction/individual takes control of an unowned planet while a slab is being built, the slab is still built (Bug #3630)
- Fixed art bugs #3596 and #3635

- Updated the Terms of Service to reflect the current SWC rules and correctly represent SWC as a browser-based online game
- Updated the Facility Income rules to clarify that FI runs on the last day of every month at 17:00 server time
- Added ECM and Sensors to applicable entities on rules summary pages
- HP on race pages now uses current equation for health. Gives range of initial hp for each race at level 1. Added link at top of content to explanation of hp
- Replaced mat images with large version for mining rules table
- Many improvements to HTML structure including fewer deprecated tags and less inline styling

- Flavor text visible for items that have it on the Equipment page
- Fixed five missing table indexes which should improve performance on main
- Market query performance should be dramatically improved as well, due to a complete rewrite
- City Designer now respects user skin
- LISP Changelog: Fixed exceptions in get-eta, get-destination, and get-location; added the ability to create flash messages (the green/blue/red boxes that come up when you do something in game).

- Database optimization improved asim tool performance dramatically
- New Property Editor to manage per entity-type generic properties
- New git web UI is ready for managing dev server's status
- Completed git migration for the implementation team's version control system
- Room tool fixed again, should be able to create room maps this time

Hotfixes: (you may have noticed these already)
- Increased the volume of medikits and toolkits so they can no longer be stacked inside of themselves
- Join Team and IRC Team icons added to the staff bars on the forums
- The following Darkness-owned planets received a ranch, zoo, or wildlife preserve for the hatching of Mysterious Eggs: Malastare (at 4, 10), Nuswatta (4, 4), Vortex (7, 3), Muunilinst (4, 6), Kiffex (5, 3), Kinyen (4, 6), Gravlex Med (7, 6), Tibrin (5, 2), Vinsoth (1, 4), Togoria (3, 1), Maridun (6, 7), Nimban (8, 2), Huk (5, 2), Brodo Asogi (5, 6), Dorin (4, 6), Giju (6, 4), Aleen (6, 4), Devaron (9, 3), Denhui-Eight (8, 1), Antar4 (1, 2), Dressel (5, 5), Bothawui (5, 3), Chadra (3, 4), Toola (3, 6), Af`El (8, 4), Barab I (4, 3)

The most important thing that happened for this sync was our switch from svn to git (you may have noticed our revision number is now a 40 character hash instead of an actual number). Much of our time was spent developing a user interface to manage branches and code on the dev server. We've also started work on a re-implementation of squads and parties due to the massive number of issues with these features, as well as general work on the concept of power pools to replace the current city-level facility power system. Power pools will generalize the concept of powering facilities: a number of power generators combine to supply a "pool," and facilities are assigned to that pool at a managing structure (such as a CCC). This allows for redundancy and segmentation of the power grid on a planet. Pools are visible on a planet scale, rather than a city scale, allowing them to be better protected in interior locations. Full rules will be posted prior to release. Repair is still in testing and a new UI is being developed for it to make it look nicer.

There was also an (apparently long standing) issue with the galactic market, brough to my attention by people fighting over entities purchased from Cloud City's dissolution. It was previously possible to purchase an item during a short period of time before the auction began, which was unintended behavior. This had been reported before but it seems that due to miscommunications, it wasn't properly identified as a bug and believed to be the correct behavior. We will be reversing all purchases made in this manner in the past 60 days, refunding money spent, and relisting the entities as proper three week auctions.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 16 Day 35)
(Posted by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 16 Day 23 13:58)

Hello everyone. As Selatos indicated in the most recent sim news, we've been working on developing a new set of rules for the Force. We've recognized for a while that the current rules simply can't be integrated with how combat in the Combine has evolved. Keeping that in mind, we've come up with a more streamlined and coherent set of rules that work very well together, and integrate into the rest of the Combine to avoid Force users being gamebreakers while still enabling them to contribute something special.

Here is the link to the new rules: Click me!

I'd like to explain some of the changes we've made. First, we've removed the concept of "facets", and along with those the detriment that players would see when becoming Force Sensitive at a higher level. Second, most of the skills have changed, as I said, to be more in-line with the Combine's combat system philosophy. With the removal of facets, Force users will no longer have skill points to assign upon becoming FS. You will gain 1 Force skill point per Force level to spend on leveling Force skills, which continue to level in the same manner as normal skills.

Additionally, while the Force Meter has not been entirely removed as was once considered, we have lessened the number of skills in which it plays a factor, so that it remains a largely RP aspect of the Force. Using light and dark skills will, in some undetermined fashion, affect the Force Meter, allowing Force users to modify their FM through the use of skills.

Finally, as I've alluded to before, there will be a change coming with regards to Force cooldowns. Specifically, Force users will have a number of "slots" that may be used for Force actions, and each Force action will take up a number of slots for the length of their activation/cooldown.  

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 16 Day 23)