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Player Administration

Quick News on Handle Change (Posted by Ghost on Year 16 Day 174)
Andre Gualdieri shall henceforth be known as Andre Archer. His previous handle violated the rules and has been changed. That is a...

That was kinda strike three... (Posted by Erek on Year 16 Day 155)
Forgive me, Combine, for I have sinned. It has been 86 days since last I held the hammer.   Year 16 Day 155, 15...

Bans for Bypassing Death Timer (Posted by Ghost on Year 16 Day 150)
Speaking of not posting a ban in a while... Letto Jhang and Varr Maric have been banned for being the same person and creating a...

Community News

Deathmatch advances (Posted by Ellias Aubec on Year 16 Day 133)
The Deathmatch advances in a round. Go vote for your favourite player. Also, a selection of new Grudge Matches as well.

We need you! (Posted by Jevon Lambright on Year 16 Day 107)
UPDATE: I have currently accepted 3 people into the team, who will be announced in full later. For those of you who sstarted a co...

Calling on all roleplayers! (Posted by Roan Axios on Year 16 Day 50)
The White Scenario (WS) team is looking for new moderators and trainers!  You might have noticed a bit of a downturn in ac...

Technical News

IRC (Posted by Syn on Year 16 Day 168)
The IRC server is currently offline; there is an issue that Veynom will need to address so hopefully we can get it back up soon. ...

Sync Report Y16D154 (Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 153)
Update to revision e0007f50bfdd3dd16e24c28713b9cc513f1f7d66 (+70) Bugs: - RMs now show up in the UI for containing entities th...

Production Subtype Removal (Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 151)
In the sync after next, we will be removing production faction subtypes (barring an incredibly convincing, unforeseen reason not to...

(Posted by Syn on Year 16 Day 168 10:59)

The IRC server is currently offline; there is an issue that Veynom will need to address so hopefully we can get it back up soon.

Update: A fix is in progress. It may still be a few hours but this is actively being addressed.

Update 2: The IRC server is back online and has been moved to a new hosting provider. This was an unanticipated downtime and we apologize for any monthly meetings that may have been disrupted. IRC services are automatically backed up every weekend, so any data loss should not extend back beyond one week at most. If something is amiss, please report the issue in #swc-help so an oper can investigate.  

(Edited by Syn on Year 16 Day 168)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 153 16:52)

Update to revision e0007f50bfdd3dd16e24c28713b9cc513f1f7d66 (+70)

- RMs now show up in the UI for containing entities that are moving (#3745)
- Party page search box fixed
- Inventory-page fitout management fixed for click operation
- Stalagmites now properly ignored when exporting build permission requests from the city designer
- Fixed mining XP issue when sending to a silo
- Fixed a layout issue with the top menu (#3755)
- Fixed an issue where non-pilots could view the cargo aboard an entity through the cockpit UI

- Repair rules updated to reflect skill change
- Repair rules clarified more on what it means to lose access to RMs when repairing (#3759)

- Entities can now be disabled with ionic damage exceeding their capacitance. Entities are disabled for 24h at a time
- Disabled facilities can be boarded without being on the crewlist
- Disabled droids can be captured (once per 24h) with a restraining bolt, stealing the droid

- Repair now uses repair skill instead of management
- Silos no longer block full mines, and transfer to silos works
- Arrest will ignore player weight capacity when equipping cuffs to the target
- NPC leveling events now include a link to the inventory page
- Updated door installation failure events to be less duplicative
- Added icon to indicate disabled status on scanners
- Added hull/shields/ionic to scanners for facilities

- Short Lightsabers have been removed and replaced with regular Lightsabers
- Double Bladed Lightsaber range has been reduced from 1 to 0
- All lightsabers have had damage values reduced slightly
- Regular Lightsabers can now be dual wielded; they now do less damage than Double Bladed Lightsabers
- Morgukai Glaives and Zenji Needles now have an appropriate firepower, up from 1
- Zenji Needles can now be dual wielded
- All droids now have an appropriate firepower for their weapon type, up from 1
- All creatures now have an appropriate firepower set

Also this is something like the fifth or sixth time Mikel says he's gotten silos to work properly.

Update: There was a breaking issue with bacta refinement not working at all. We've had a mini sync to fix this; you may find that you have unfinished bacta refinement actions stuck at 100%. Please contact the asims via support tickets for any such actions to have them finished.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 16 Day 161)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 151 14:16)

In the sync after next, we will be removing production faction subtypes (barring an incredibly convincing, unforeseen reason not to). All production factions will be a single type, and production will be restricted solely by datacard access. This is designed to streamline some gameplay by reducing the need for a mess of factions and also to simplify the logical implementation of some upcoming entity implementations. Please see this thread in the Suggestions forum for more details on the specifics and consequences of the change and to provide feedback. 

(Posted by Ellias Aubec on Year 16 Day 133 18:34)

The Deathmatch advances in a round. Go vote for your favourite player. Also, a selection of new Grudge Matches as well.  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 125 15:44)

As mentioned a few days ago, I wanted to follow up with development goals and progress for Q2 of 2015. We're just over 3 months into 2015, and during the course of implementation so far, many adjustments have been made to our targets. The first, obvious thing is that the list has expanded significantly. There are a lot of components necessary to release ground combat and it seems that a lot of systems that almost work currently will need significant improvement to provide for a fair global release of the feature. Chief among these is vision. The entire updated flowchart is shown below.

Dev Targets 2015 Q2 Flowchart

However, there are also many non-feature things that must be done, and the priority of several of these projects will increase. There are many bugs affecting inventory, for example, so Inventory X will be accelerated. We always try to at least keep up with bugs introduced by new features, but several other existing bugs (largely related to squads) unnecessarily complicate or make impossible important in game tasks. For Q2, we will try to wrap up a few more minor things related to combat (in particular, ionization, which I hope to announce in the next sync, as well as buffs and debuffs), but the primary focus will switch from features to (1) UI improvements and fixes, updating or replacing our most dysfunctional interfaces and (2) bug fixes tackling the most difficult issues that we have ignored for a while. There were two significant features released at the end of Q1, and it would be prudent to focus on cleaning up the results here before begining on another large change.

That said, we do expect to roll out new game content, although it will mostly take advantage of current features. The primary vehicle for this will be the in-game scripting language, and a lot of the work will be done by the NPC team to release in game quests and enhance the depth of the world within SWC. By slicing this off from the dev team's responsibility, we're able to involve more people in the process, resulting in better use of our volunteers' time. 

(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 124 21:00)

To clear up confusion and to fix something that we should've taken care of a few days ago... Repairman NPCs are being converted to the appropriate Builder or Worker NPC types right now, and the Repairman types are being removed from the game. They will have their skills adjusted and any extra skill points will be refunded.

Vehicle, spaceship, and droid repairmen are being converted to workers, while facility repairmen are being converted to builders

(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 122 0:22)

Update to revision c403aa74e27d6878805eee254b58131c1a50a839 (+186)

- Lisp: Fixed rand-from-list, fixed get-entity-type
- City designer: facilities counted on import, stalagmites should work, hidden cities should work, unselectable facilities are now red
- Fixed some missing links, menu issues, and html issues (many pages)
- Fixed bugs #3735 and 3736 relating to script modules
- Fixed duplicate weapon listings for creatures and droids on the battle report page
- Fixed mining issue that was causing things to stick at 100% (previously stuck mines are not fixed--contact an asim--it just won't happen moving forward)

- Updated a few errors on scripting rules
- Rules admin email updated
- Repair rules rewritten to match implementation
- Ground combat rules rewritten to match implementation
- Firepower information added to weapon boxes
- Damage reduction added to droid and facility info boxes (currently zero)
- Thrown weapons class was removed. Previously thrown weapons are now personal weapons and are not consumable
- Room maps for all entities have been added to the details page for each

- Repair for ships, facilities, vehicles, and space stations has been released.
- Ground combat has been rewritten. Please check the rules page for complete information
- Facility combat has been released into beta on Derra. There are two cities on Derra currently but we will add more very quickly.
- Combat uses a new set of equations and formulas. All weapons have been updated
- Ionic damage has been partly implemented. Droids and facilities will take ionic damage where appropriate

- A new info box for items on the Equipment page has been implemented
- New font options have been added (Georgia)
- Item equipping no longer uses drag and drop. Instead, click on the item image to select it and then click on the slot you wish to equip to. This is the same "effort" as before with a desktop client, but it makes the equipment page mobile friendly by avoiding drag and drop.
- Several additional minor UI tweaks and changes

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may need to hard-refresh in order to receive the new stylesheet information! If your equipment pages look awful try pressing ctrl+f5.

This is one of the most significant updates we have had since the end of year 15. I am really proud of the work the team accomplished for this one, as we have two significant feature releases plus improvements to the UI and mobile friendliness. There will be a post in a few days summarizing the Q1 targets and progress for 2015 so far, including several additional milestones that have emerged during work on combat. With a significant change to how combat works, including facility combat's initial release, we will be opening feedback threads to hear about the damage types and scaling, the current firepower and armor stats, and the effectiveness of facility combat with different weapons. Please note that NPCs can't currently use heavy weapons, which is something that will be figured out in the future, which may be important for producing the final facility combat balance. Also please don't start combat feedback threads in other places.

A quick overview of how firepower was calculated for those who are curious. Taking the previous equations and assuming a certain miss rate, I found the expected damage in a single round of combat for each weapon against each completed armor fitout (such as correllian powersuit + helmet, HBA + helmet, IRG + helmet, etc.). Then, the firepower was adjusted so that the expected damage with the new equations was closest in the least squares sense for that weapon when considering all armors. This was repeated independently for each weapon. The results are a pretty good fit for this particular hit rate, although there will be some departure when considering different hit rates: if you hit more often than the model used, you will do less damage than before, and if you hit less often than the model, then you will do more damage. This is because previously the first few attacks would be completely absorbed while the last attacks would apply full damage, whereas now all attacks are scaled by the same amount. On the whole most armors perform the same now, except for the most powerful armors (Mando especially) which are slightly less effective than before, but still the best. Currently, all creatures have firepower fixed at 10, which was not optimized, but is a reasonable "typical" value.

Update: a few somewhat breaking issues have been found (typical), and most have been fixed as they were small oversights, but we won't be able to sync to update until later this afternoon.

Update #2: We've updated again with fixes intended to resolve: issues with bacta tanks, new players being unable to load the sidebar, combat xp being incorrect (both 39 and 42 xp), wrecks being marked as repairable, and some lingering inaccuracy on the combat rules pages.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 16 Day 123)
(Posted by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 16 Day 105 9:14)

Well, after a long list of questions, some training, blah blah blah, the newest members of the QA Team have been selected.


Everyone feel free to congratulate the new members with humples and other displays of public affection!


Tyris Elensar

Sevk Ill`er

Naomi Felian

Mandro Fluke


Big thanks again to everyone who tried and hope to see you again if/when applications are open in the future.





(Edited by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 16 Day 122)
(Posted by Jevon Lambright on Year 16 Day 107 4:41)

UPDATE: I have currently accepted 3 people into the team, who will be announced in full later. For those of you who sstarted a conversation with me, if I have not gotten back to you please poke me via DM, I will be going through DM logs this week but have been very busy. Poking me will expedite the matter. If I sent a DM to you and you have not yet responded, I would love to hear your progress on anything I asked for, or whatever you might still need in terms of info!


Due to the large volume of art requests, the Art Team is calling out to all experienced artists of the Combine! While we mainly seek 3D artists, we are not averse to adding members of both 2D and 3D to our ranks. if you would like to know more, or apply to join, DM me (Jevon Lambright.)

EDIT: due to the massive influx of purely 2D applications, I am limiting further apps to those who posess at least some decent understanding of the 3D program of their choice. Onasha has put together instructionl materials from their Blender class as well as youtube if you want to start learning now.


May the Art be with you,

The Artistic penguin  

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(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 102 14:56)

Hi everyone,

The servers (3) have been paid for for the upcoming year, totaling about $15,000. We'd like to thank you all for your continued generosity in supporting SWC. We couldn't have done it without you.

The SWC Administration

(Edited by Selatos on Year 16 Day 102)

The development team needs you to test for the Combine!  

Due to supposedly being swamped with work soon and some cuts from the team, we are looking for 2 or 3 players with experience in vast parts of the game, or willing to learn parts of the game to help the Combine Development Team test bug fixes and other assorted things we want... tested.  

I'm not going to take players who I will presume to be released onto the Development Server, and just play around spawning SSDs or something.  

Full training will be given, depending on how much time I have, pay in CP's will be set at a similar standard to other teams depending on your activity and bugs tested.  

Open applications will be open for a few days.

Anyone interested needs to email me (sims@swcombine.com) with why they should be on the QA (Testing) team, preferably answering the following questions:  

1) What is your handle?

2) How long have you been with the Combine?

3) Why do you want to join the QA Team?

4) What skills do you think you can bring to the QA Team?

5) What country do you live in?

6) How much time can you spend on the Combine in general and helping in particular?

7) Were you involved in any projects that would qualify you for the position?

8) Can you spend time every day/other day idling on #swc-dev to help test things as needed?

9) Anything else we should know about/can help your application?  

I will review your applications and I will be selecting 2 or 3 players to join the team, depending on my busy schedule this may take a week or two.  

Thank you much!  


Any questions, please join #swc-dev on IRC.    


The current testing team is as follows:

Simkin Dragoneel

Kay Dallben



Artemis Imperium

Kerri Manchester

Gwen Leor

Kathlen Stewart  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 77 15:42)

Update to revision 12a3da3164f9fe04bd3b12527589c10397ef4621 (+106)

- Fixed missing/broken tags causing sidebar corruption on a number of pages
- Fixed facility coords on city designer
- Fixed top/bottom links on inventory pages
- Fixed broken NPC fitout management on NPC control page
- Fixed missing tags folder in inventory (Bug 3648)

- Updated Contact Us page with useful information
- Fixed broken image link for powered buildings on city rules
- Clarified that extracted RMs are given to mine owners
- Clarified the Kick Passenger rules and functionality for internal vs external kick.
- Many general typo fixes

- LISP Changelog: New syntax: let, lambda, module-export, load. Shareable/loadable modules, SWC libraries of useful functions
- City designer now counts facilities and has a pseudofacility for stalagmites in appropriate terrains
- Skinning system has been overhauled, several options have been removed as well as the CCom skin, which was almost identical to the green skin that replaces it.

Hotfixes: (you may have noticed these already)
- Increased weight, volume, and batch size of HSB-200 hold-out blaster pistol.

- New rules images for DL0-18, DL-56
- New RM images for inventory, rules page, & deposits.
- Planetary artwork for Tanaab, Candoria, Phu, Hjaff, & Trunska

This is a relatively small sync despite the small delay, introducing only one significant feature: scripting modules. We also made a number of of changes to how the skinning system works and tried to overhaul the way CSS is generated for and used by SWC. In the future we will include additional skins and continue refining the color palettes in order to improve the general quality of most skins, which often feature inconsistent color choices or poor contrast in many situations.

Facility repair has entered the final phases of testing and updating. It will be released to the main server during the next sync, which will be in 1 or 2 weeks. Kendall has been working very hard for several months on it and we hope to have a successful launch soon.

Since there seems to be a lot more demand than expected, the option to change which font SWC uses will be back next sync as well, along with changes for the issues with forum skins (missing styles, too small text in editing boxes) that went unnoticed until now. Sync will definitely be next weekend, maybe sooner.

Edit: Stylesheets have been updated, fixing the issues with forum display. Font options have also been restored, and a third option (Georgia) has been added.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 16 Day 81)