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Player Administration

Hackensack, New Jersey. (Posted by Erek on Year 17 Day 133)
  Year 17 Day 133, 12:23 Erek banned player Ngarnek Beau The above player have been banned ...

Little computers can perform calculations, solve problems, play games, and even spam our inboxes! (Posted by Erek on Year 17 Day 115)
Forgive me, Combine, for I have sinned. It has been 36 days since last I held the hammer. Diane Smith has been&n...

He gave me this ring... (Posted by Erek on Year 17 Day 79)
  Year 17 Day 78, 22:57 Erek banned player Mason Wade   Year 17 Day 79, 18:...

Community News

Paying Respects (Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 17 Day 34)
Thanks once again to all of the hard work that Veynom has done through the years. So in honor of Veynom and also in congratulatio...

A New Generation Awakens (Posted by Veynom on Year 17 Day 34)
After seeing the birth of the Combine and helping it in growing for the past 17 years, time has come for me to pass the hand. The...

Happy Holidays (Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 17 Day 26)
On behalf of the swc administration, just wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays. Just remember to be safe and try your best to...

Technical News

Do not abuse donations (Posted by Selatos on Year 17 Day 150)
Merlin Myk`Chur has been banned for 6 months for abusing the paypal donation system to obtain CPs, exchange them for things, and th...

New Race (Posted by Arjuna on Year 17 Day 94)
After a slight issue with semicolons affecting their skillpoints the new race Mirialan has been discovered and characters can swi...

New Multi-Account Self-Registration System (Posted by Erek on Year 17 Day 87)
Wonderful Combineers, The Multi-Account Registry now supports self-registration. Please use the new method, rather than submitt...

(Posted by Selatos on Year 17 Day 150 18:17)

Merlin Myk`Chur has been banned for 6 months for abusing the paypal donation system to obtain CPs, exchange them for things, and then issue a chargeback against the game to recover his money. The assets will also be removed. 

(Posted by Arjuna on Year 17 Day 94 20:25)

After a slight issue with semicolons affecting their skillpoints the new race Mirialan has been discovered and characters can switch to them from their Character Page  

(Edited by Arjuna on Year 17 Day 94)
(Posted by Erek on Year 17 Day 87 21:59)

Wonderful Combineers,

The Multi-Account Registry now supports self-registration. Please use the new method, rather than submitting tickets for standard entries. Register yourselves at the link below:



The "Link" button will connect your accounts, allowing us to quickly review and verify them should they fall under suspicion. In order for the connection to be finalized, the account you "Link" needs to confirm your request .

Support tickets should be reserved for short-term registration and other extenuating circumstances.  

(Edited by Erek on Year 17 Day 87)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 17 Day 77 10:55)

Just a small one to address this factory issue, since we're still focusing on the positioning overhaul.

- Fixed issues with crate production (#4022,#4024,#4038)
- Scans have correct CGT date (#4033)

Edit: To clarify, the underlying bug has been fixed, but this doesn't always cause already-stuck factories to magically finish. Either DM Arjuna the factory IDs of any that are still stuck, or join #swc-help on IRC and leave the IDs in the channel, and someone will unstick them when possible.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 17 Day 77)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 17 Day 67 22:36)

Update to revision f019d1ce573a5312569eefb1eb1ec76385fd55af (+34)

- Added dbg-rp to provide low-level view of data structures

- Replaced Mibbit with KiwiIRC as the chat client
- The skill reset tool is now self-service for eligible players (under level 3 on their first character) from the character sheet

- Redesigned Journal quest view to make more sense and show objective summaries more clearly

- Fixed issues with incubator interaction again (#4011)
- Fixed missing implicit progn inside let body (#4027)
- Executing character issues (#4026)
- Faction memberlist last login incorrect (#4017)
- Typo in create entity tool (Unreported)
- Destroy entity admin tool broken (Unreported)
- Packing keycards into crate broken (#4013)
- NPC transport doesn't match rules (#3385)
- Production rules updated to reflect material usage order (#3451)
- Ships in production no longer show as modded (Unreported)
- Cargo details don't show on some ship rules pages (#4007)
- Fixed calcEntityMaterialRequirements so bacta is only added if item or has medical room

This also concludes the end of the double CPs event. I am truly amazed by the extent of the donations and we should all be grateful that there are many players willing to provide for the server costs. We received enough in donations to cover the server costs for more than a year, plus we will be able to purchase licenses for a few tools that I am looking forward to using, along with another server to run them. We're preparing an evaluation before committing to this particular vendor, but specifically we are looking at JIRA Software for upgrading the development project tracking and possibly replacing the bugbase, JIRA Help Desk for replacing the unbelievably terrible osTicket application used currently for support tickets, and Confluence for managing/coordinating documents shared among the admins and asims, as well as to help me manage some simmaster-y things regarding SWC on the whole. All of these products are from Atlassian, a company Kyle recommends highly based on professional experience.

I apologize for the many new issues that sprang up in seemingly unrelated features--we modified a central piece of code regarding entity destruction, which is used by almost all actions, production, healing items, etc., and it did not handle all of the different situations correctly. It has been reverted to how it worked around New Year's, but there appear to be a few lingering issues that are affecting factory production that we're trying to understand.

Finally, Mibbit is gone, replaced by KiwiIRC, which does not have ads or weird feature restrictions like /list not working. 

(Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 17 Day 64 14:18)

This is a reminder that the double CP bonus offering will be coming to a close soon. We are likely giving an extra day or two and will be going back to normal on the 2nd of Feb or so. So if you want to take advantage don't delay.

Edit: The sync we were going to do yesterday to revert this back to normal has been delayed. I don't have an estimated time when this will be done but most likely in the next few hours to days. A sim news post will be done once it synced over and back to normal. Until then enjoy the extra double cp time we give you. Mind you this if for donations only.  

(Edited by Kyle Rainer on Year 17 Day 67)
(Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 17 Day 64 12:19)

We are updating the mediawiki version Holocron uses right now so it might be offline for a bit, or giving strange errors. Once it is done will let everyone know.


Edit: Holocron is back to normal now. The upgrade didn't work so back on current version.  

(Edited by Kyle Rainer on Year 17 Day 64)
(Posted by Jesfa on Year 17 Day 57 1:36)

In addition to the previous generic datacards, the following entities have been made public in order to decrease the number of factions all using more or less the same sets.  Variety is the spice of life they say...

M-Class Mon Calamari Luxury Liner (3.5 slots)
Hammerhead Cruiser (3.5 slots)
Corellian Star Shuttle (2.0 slots)
H-type Yacht (2.0 slots)
J-type 322 Starship (2.0 slots)
J-type 327 Starship (2.0 slots)
N-1 Starfighter (1.5 slots)
I-Beam Starfighter (1.5 slots) [Added, though stats have been lowered, as previous HPs were skewed.  Previously owned ships should retain old stats.]

Platoon Attack Craft (2.5 slots)
CAVw PX-10 (2.5 slots)
Coral Vanda (2.0 slots)
Mon Calamari Submersible (2.0 slots) 

RIC (1.0 slots)  

Holoprojector (0.5 slots)

These ships should add a bit more flavor for groups!


(Edited by Jesfa on Year 17 Day 58)
(Posted by Erek on Year 17 Day 56 1:26)

The newest-discovered race is not to be considered playable. We are working to make it impossible to switch to, and any that do will be punished.


Sims edit - With Sel and Supes not around as far as I can tell atm, I am editing this to simply let everyone know that Mogwai are ALSO not a playable race.  Do NOT switch over to it.  

(Edited by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 17 Day 58)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 17 Day 58 0:37)

I did a brief interview with Kilian today for the Crepan podcast. The topics are purely OOC and have relevance to SWC as a whole, as we discuss the upcoming position changes, the Combine dev process, and how to get involved in improving the game, so it seemed appropriate to share here and hopefully provide some insight into the changes. The video can be seen below:

Edit: Apparently we strip iframes, so the video can't be embedded. Instead, go to youtube and watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl3Av6Q-lsA  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 17 Day 58)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 17 Day 50 21:47)

Update to revision dc71295aed546badfcc78fbb61ceea883afbcbcf (+72)

- Updated to reflect actual shield and ionic recharge values.

- Added ship and vehicle shield and ionic recharge

- New 403, 404, and 500 error pages.
- Added warning to undock page when container is traveling cross-terrain

- Cannot reset custom images (#2616)
- Removed RM protection from CTool (#3756)
- Toggling protection via inventory event incorrect (Unreported)
- Producing items with tag specified doesn't work (#3008)
- Room entrance events logged properly (#1504)
- Corrected event type for build permissions (#1504)
- Corrected event type for arrest/death warrants (#1504)
- Approval and denial of GNS posts will generate personal and faction events (#1504)
- Mining yield is different between events from the same yield (#1504)
- Faction creation doesn't makeover new HQ to faction (#3472)
- Can't differentiate between owned faction's owned stocks (#3683)
- RMs shouldn't be protectable (#3756)
- Creatures shouldn't be protectable (#4002)
- Tweaked the text for when non-projectile weapons are used. (#4002)
- Added miningTimeToGo to mine XML export (#4004)
- Paused mine ETA fixed in XML export (#4004)
- Mine ETA timestamp fixed (#4004)
- Inventory XML export timestamp fixed (#4003)
- CGT offset reflects SWC's official release as per rules (#3753)
- CGT converter changed from local time to UTC (#3753)
- HTML counter returns proper CGT data (#3943)
- WS returns proper CGT data (#3943)
- Year rollover javascript issue resolved (#3943)
- Fixed undefined Item
- Can now delete script modules (#3985)
- Script variables now cleaned up when an entity is deleted (#3981)
- Fixed unpacking crates on a planet (#3410)
- Fixed issues with NPC hiring in shipyards (#3858,#3959)
- Resolved invalid table index issues for infotext (#3557)
- Fixed issue with incubators not working (#3997)

Ted continues to fix many bugs. Positioning overhaul is underway on the development branch, I expect to release a mockup of the UI next weekend.

Note: There appears to be an issue with medical items, we are looking into it.

Update: Items should be fixed.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 17 Day 50)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 17 Day 43 22:50)

You may wish to look at, and discuss, this thread describing the next evolution of the positioning system, including tactical subgrids and a completely overhauled approach to hyperspace travel. There will be at least one bugfix-only sync before it is released (maybe two depending on how long it takes and how many important bugs are discovered), but we will be focusing on implementing it next as it blocks many aspects of ground combat's global release.