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Year 6 Day 109 19:46
I know this will sound a little lame, but I just leveled up and discovered that I'm missing 8 HPs.

I did the sums using the formula inthe character rules:

Total HP = [Stats Points + (5 x XP Level) + Race bonus ] * Race multiplier + 10 Extra Points

Ind figured that I should now have 174HPs. My character info shows only 166HPs.

Has the formula changed? Maybe the skill improvement system has thrown a spanner into the works?

Just thought I'd let someone important know.


Year 6 Day 109 22:40
pointed Ondo this way, he'll look into it.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 110 15:23
Ondoron Bondoon

I don't mess with no HP or levels. I mess with skills and skillpoints and thats it.

Year 6 Day 110 18:35
^ Yeah, but skills and HPs are holding hands. when one changes so does the other.

I'd say either:

Increase the HPs by 1* race modifier for each appropriate skill that is raised by one level


Recalculate the characters HPs each time they level rather than jsut add 5*race mod.


Year 6 Day 111 20:58
Last I knew, it *does* recalculate each level. It certainly should anyway, given that skill point allocation has an impact on this. (:



Year 6 Day 111 21:14
I'm missing 2HP, by that calculation


Year 6 Day 111 23:17
Mine's still correct based on the last level-up recalculation. You sure you're using the correct stats points, keeping in mind that not all General stats are used? (:



Year 6 Day 111 23:29
mm well Ondo is away for three months so I guess 'm doing this.

I've checked it out and I get the same 174 HP as you. A quick look at the function doesn't reveal any errors so 'll have to look into it more later on.

What was your HP prior to this Kayleb?

Edited By: Khan on Year 6 Day 111 23:55

Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 119 20:39
*tries to remember*

kant rememba.


Year 6 Day 120 1:29
hmm can't see anything in your event archives, so I guess it has been quite a while since you levelled up.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 120 2:21
hmm oki it was 156 before apparently, so a rise of 10 seems about right.

maybe a result of changed race stats? a race change in the past that didn't change the race skill bonuses?

Edited By: Khan on Year 6 Day 120 2:23

Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 135 23:15
Rika Lawson

As I was saying before the hack... I seem to lack some HPs too. I've never had a race change or anything, started out as Corellian right away.

With the formula "Total HP = [Stats Points + (5 x XP Level) + Race bonus ] * Race multiplier + 10 Extra Points" I come to... let me check... 58 HPs, yet I seem to have 36...

Edited By: Rika Lawson on Year 6 Day 140 1:00
Year 6 Day 140 10:09
Ondo will be looking into this.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 140 22:53
Rika Lawson

ty, and yes, I'm persistent *grin*

Year 6 Day 141 13:27
Cam Antilles

persistence is usualy a good idea, as a developer can easily get side tracked when another major bug is found, especialy if its exploited.


\"Somewhere, there\'s a bullet with your name on it. The trick is to die of age before it finds you\"
Year 6 Day 152 2:38
Rika Lawson