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Year 6 Day 145 12:05
How can I find the coordinates? I'm stuck on Tatooine and my friend is traveling to pick me up.

Thanks in Advance.

Year 6 Day 145 12:16
Your coordinates should be on your right hand menu over the Position link. You may need to be outside of any facilities for this to display properly.



Year 6 Day 145 21:38
It says I'm "Inside the Civic Center Officials Stand" in Tatooine. However, I can't exit the room. Perhaps I'm not going about it the right way? lol From what my friend said it sounded like she needed a coordinate with numbers? She isn't on much to ask...

Thanks for you help! :)

Year 6 Day 145 23:05
Like I said, you need to be outside of the building to see the coordinates - they will indeed be numerical.

To exit, go to position -> travel, and at the bottom of the page you should see arrows you can click which will allow you to move through the different rooms. I don't know the building layout offhand so you'll have to walk around until you see the button on the left side of the bottom half of the page that lets you exit the facility.



Year 6 Day 146 6:37
Bingo! Finally left the building. ;) To exit, just had to click twice on unboard. Thanks for all your help again.

Year 6 Day 146 8:53
No problem.