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Archives » 30 real time minutes to move one square?
Dopal Carlin

Ok, I just started this game today, and there is one thing I don't really understand yet. My starting city is Mos Eisley, with my current speed of 4, it takes 30 minutes to travel to an adjacent square. Tell me, is this game really that slow? I mean I like to explore the city and stuff, but to do it would take weeks in real life. Why is this game so slow? How do others feel about it? Are people getting anywhere here? I guess I was expecting at least a faster pace.

Once you have access to a ship or vehicle, ground travel is substantially faster.

Traveling across the galaxy will still take time, depending on your distance, but at this point it really isn't a problem since there isn't much else you need to do in the client as things such as trading can be done while traveling.



Max Feral

I struggled with the time at first too,but you get used to it.Im a new user also and iv realized its a game u only need to check a couple of times a week.PATIENCE young combine player.
If you press the scan button and look 4 a npc called vehicle rent or (something like it)u walk 2 her and rent a speeder ,that will move quicker arround the city.Or join a faction that will get u off that planet and give u a job.I started in the same city,i think the rental place is 13,4 or 4,13.....i hope that helps

Rivad Pelinor

Alright, im ok with that of waiting every 3 days to see what's happening in the game but... ise there any way to abort the travelling? its because I stupdly started a 16 hr voyage leaving my spider behind and well its quite stressing

Position > Travel > [whatever type of travel you're doing, I assume city?] > Abort

It works for everything except the 1-hour journey between cities, which you can't abort :)


At the moment, most people just poke this game once a week to go into hyper. It doesn't require a lot of attention, so you can play even if you have a busy life.

When combat and other features come out, it will require you to play a little more but until then, you don't need to play that often!


Bryley Coladin

Ok so when you join a faction and they give you a job i.e. navy what do you do. Is there combat between ships available?

No, there isn't combat programmed into the Combine quite yet.


Patriarch of House Ismay
What you do depends on your job. Navies actually tend to be the largest divisions in the game since everyone likes flying ships. (: In most cases you prepare for combat, stage combat on message boards or something, or just fly around for XP. Alternately, you might be assigned to fly around various systems scanning them, to patrol for other ships.



Bryley Coladin

Well this might sound like a stupid question then, but im completely new to this, but what do you do when you stage combat on message boards?

It's just roleplayed in a scenario. A GM or someone will direct the action and determine outcomes, and the participants each act out their roles in it.

For example, the GM might tell you that your scanners pick up the presence of a squad of fighters, then you and your unit would roleplay a response, such as hailing them, or engaging them.