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Year 7 Day 303 10:21
Greetings admin.

I have an issue and I'm not sure if this is the place to question. I tried to get into the commerce forum to check if anyone was selling.. something in particular... I have not been there in weeks, maybe a month or so. When I clicked the commerce link it said "banned by Jack T Ladd" who, I notice, is the name of the moderator. I'm not sure we had a problem in the past, I do not remember any issues being brought to my attention.

As such, I humbly request to be unbanned from the commerce forum- especially as such I feel or know of no wrongdoing. And, if I have done wrong, I sincerely apologize- assuming that there is something wrong and it wasn't an error or such.

Your servant,
Krioni Shadowsigns

Year 7 Day 303 10:23
Chise Ekando

Possibly the same problem as here http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=10253&page=0 ? Problem was solved.



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Year 7 Day 303 10:32
Please contact the moderator who banned you directly, since not all of them read this forum.


Year 7 Day 303 13:10
Thanks mates. I'll check it out.