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Year 7 Day 311 12:48
Dayyn Gorvai

Are 500 CPs still being given to those who add 5 links to the Link Library? I have added 5 links (They are all confirmed) ... what should I do now? Thanks in advanced.

Year 7 Day 311 15:25
You might try contacting the person in charge of the Links Library. Contact information is posted on the "Contact Us" page linked at the top of each Combine page.



Year 7 Day 311 15:34
Dayyn Gorvai

Yes, I have used the "Report adding 5 Links" link and contacted / from the "support the combine" page a few times already... just sent another earlier today... anything else I should do besides wait?

Year 7 Day 311 18:06
Neither of those e-mail addresses are the one listed on the Combine's "Contact Us" page.



Year 7 Day 311 19:14
Dayyn Gorvai IS listed on the "Contact Us" page... I have contacted Ranma who is in charge of Links Library.

Year 7 Day 311 19:20
Dayyn Gorvai

Hmm, if only someone changed the link " Report Adding 5 Links" on the "Support the Combine" page so that it actually could be used as it was intended, there wouldn't be the need to hunt for contacts...

Year 7 Day 311 21:18
If there is something wrong with it you may want to report it on the bug base for someone to correct.