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Year 7 Day 313 6:04
Gordon Gekko

Last week I entered a set of coordinates for a hyperspace jump. I checked the ETA and then hit go. When I exited hyperspace, I was now where near the coordinates I entered. Has this ever happened to anyone before? I attempted to jump to 50,66 and I exited at 24,40. I checked the event log, and it didnt say anything about me aborting the jump or being pulled out of hyperspace, just me exiting hyperspace. Is this a bug or something? If any admin requires it, i can email them the screenshot of the eventlog.

Year 7 Day 313 19:07
Yes, this has happened to many people before. So far it seems all of them were using the map to select coordinates, rather than typing in manually. Is that true for you as well? This problem may be related to the map.



Year 7 Day 314 3:12
Hexx Harpy

This just happened to me too, and it is true: I selected my coordinates by clicking on the map rather than typing them in by hand.


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Year 7 Day 314 13:43
Gordon Gekko

No I entered my coordinates 50,66 manually. When i would have arrived, I would have manually entered the coordinates 51, 66 thereby taking me to Chandrilla. Also my event log demontrates that the coordinates 50,66 were indeed inputed. If necessary I can email you a copy of the screen shot. Thanks

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Edited By: Gordon Gekko on Year 7 Day 314 13:45
Year 7 Day 314 16:11
I can't look into this myself as I'm not a developer, so you may just need to make a bug base post and attach the screenshot. You can set the post private if you don't want others seeing the screenshot, or edit your personal information off of it.



Year 8 Day 6 14:06
Cern Dragoon

This has happened to me twice now. Once it was halfway between my start and end points. But the second time, just a few minutes ago, ejected me at a 180 Degree angle from where I wanted to be. I can totally make screenshots if the need arises.

Year 8 Day 6 17:48

Post all the details in that bug please Cern. We're trying to track down what's causing it to occur seemingly at random.


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Year 8 Day 6 21:39
X Halk

hey there,

I just had the same problem. Here is a copy of the actions

Year 8 Day 5, 8:57 Your ship exited hyperspace at (10, 19) in deep space (319, 31).
Year 8 Day 4, 21:12 The computer confirms the coordinates to (307, 43) and you engage the hyperdrive motivator.

bloody thing lol, now its another 11 hours of hyper travel

Year 8 Day 7 6:51

The post just before your's indicated where you should add those details.


Year 8 Day 7 21:32
X Halk

Yeah but im not registered there and didnt have to time to register

Year 8 Day 7 23:21
Posting the details in here won't do any good. You will need to report bugs in the bug base so they can be looked into. If you don't want to register there yourself, have a friend make a post for you.



Year 8 Day 12 6:14
Gordon Gekko

I posted this in the bug base as well.