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Archives » Where do you report pornographic avatars?
Tye Bowie

I saw someone with a BAD avatar and i need to know how to report her.
Her handle was "Jeeva Ob" and if someonee could report her that would be great.
Also... I would like a CP award if possible.

Lexxa Sunnar

1) Contact the admins at Admins@swcombine.com
2) No CP rewards for petty stuff as this.


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Tye Bowie

Thank's alot.

Image not found: http://www.swc-cis.com/cg/images/avatars/av_jeeva.jpg



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I was a bouncer in a topless bar for over 7 years,and if you think a womans bare back is pornographic,then son you are in for a rude awakening.......


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Good spotting Tye ... we could use an observant fellow like you.

Edited By: Mawson Morbara on Year 7 Day 316 16:11
For the record, Jeeva Ob's avatar was previously reported last June (along with my own, which is fully clothed, but just happens to be cropped at close enough to the clothing line that the avatar border covers it ^_^). One admin who responded stated that "our game like the movies is pg-13, which does allow some nakeness," and a second pointed out that "you can see more naked skin in every film or fashion magazine at every newsstand."



Koz Ofyurdeth

sounded more like a cp fish more then actual offended person who disliked what they saw, how pathetic

Eli Greenberg

Syn's looks sexy ^.^


Cern Dragoon

If you like green people. Oh my god, the Martians are coming for meee!

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