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Archives » I Cannot Enter My Cloud Combat Car
Truman Nexus

When I have the opportunity to enter my Cloud CombatCar, an error message comes up that "there is no door to enter". This is the first time I've encountered this. Is this a bug? I tried several times and from different scenarios...

I just bought this speeder and I can't even use it or for that matter enter it...
Here is all the information that I could copy:

Truman's Revenge (ID# 112105)
Class: Speeders

Owner: Truman Nexus
Commander: Truman Nexus
Pilot: Truman Nexus
Class: Cloud Car Combatspeeder
Length: 4.000 m
Max. Passengers: 2.00
Flight grade repulsorlifts: Yes

Weight: 20.0000 Tons
Volume: 40.0000 m?

Sector: Kathol
Galactic Position: Pimbrell (-127, -431)
Planet Position: Dolstan (8, 14)
City Position: Anadolu (7, 7)
Ground Position: (6, 6)
ERROR message when I try to enter the speeder:

The Truman has no door where you may enter.

Truman's Revenge


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Have you assigned yourself as pilot? If so, you should include the vehicle ID so an admin can look into it when they have a moment.



Year 7 Day 315 11:12
Deleted Post
Truman Nexus
Deleted by Truman Nexus. Reason: I was hoping that something could be done but evidently this bug of a non-existant door on my speeder is too difficult to program in. The real reason is that I copied and pasted the same information
Re-using a thread for neatness' sake.

Having the same problem, this was a newly produced vehicle, an FK-7. We produced a few, but there is one we can't enter (despite being assigned as pilot), even though others produced at nearly same time (not same order) were able to be boarded. vehicle ID# 112204

Also have two cloud cars with the same problem vehicle ID# 112238 and vehicle ID# 112268

any help is appreciated.

Edit: added an additional vehicle with the same error

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Trent Hackworth

Lahasa Fy you may want to Delete this Post and Start a new Thread. The Admin may not Notise or Ignore you if you re-use a Thread.

They will notice, and the developers are, in fact, aware of this issue.



Thanks, syn. It appears that they've fixed something related to this already since I haven't had any of the bugs creep up with FK-7s after that first one.

For now, can I just keep a running tally of any of the "bugged" vehicles I encounter here, or is there a better way to account for them?

I've stayed away from the bug base becuase it is a known bug, and I've never had any luck in figuring it out.


You don't need to keep a running tally here. Keep one privately if you want, but I expect that once this is fixed it will be fixed for all vehicles of that type, rather than ID by ID. If that is not the case they'll likely request IDs on the Sim News.



Cam Antilles

Right now the issue is that with newly produced vehicles ( I believe only vehicles) no inside room or door is created. I hope the person assigned to fix this decides to just write a script that looks for vehicles w/o rooms, as it would be easy to do.


\"Somewhere, there\'s a bullet with your name on it. The trick is to die of age before it finds you\"
Truman Nexus

Thank you. I will try to be patient.. lol.
I just want to enjoy new vehicle.. heh


Have fixed up the rooms for all finished ships and vehicles that didn't have them. I've been unable to track down the problem. It's only affecting some new ships and vehicles but there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it or errors logged that directly involve adding rooms. I've setup a script that'll let me keep an eye on any that happen in the future.


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Truman Nexus

Thank you, Khan...
Really appreciate it. I will be able to try and enter my car as soon as I can get back to it.

Good job.


No worries. Sorry for the delay in getting to this.


Kids these days!
Think 've found the problem here. Ships and vehicles that were produced in less than four days never had their stats built up and thus never got their rooms. I've added a patch to dev that'll insert rooms at production end if none are present.


Kids these days!
Thanks Khan, and that explanation (the less than 4 day buildup) actually matches my experiences.

Thanks for your efforts on this and all SWC matters!


No worries.


Kids these days!