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Year 7 Day 317 19:57
Lexxa Sunnar

I remember you use to be able to slave a squad of ships of the same type. Is this feature still usable for the TY-1210's? If so, how? Since the old way was the pilot button.


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Year 7 Day 317 23:18
Zero Turner

Never tried YT's but click on all ships when in same sector and set those as NPC contolled and they will follow your ship



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Year 7 Day 317 23:47
YT-1210s can't be NPCed. All fighters and a few select freighters have that ability, afaik.

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Owyn Darklighter
Year 7 Day 317 23:50
Kirit Hin`Kirl

Owyn is correct. The few freighters being the JM5k, Skipray and DST, iirc.

Year 7 Day 318 10:17
Zero Turner

heh wasn't sure on that anyhow but it makes sense



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Year 7 Day 319 8:07
Lambdas and Sentinels can be grouped too.


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Year 7 Day 319 12:06

The exact list is
A military NPC is considered to be one of the following:

- a man with his personal equipment = NPC infantry
- an unassigned vehicle from the list below = NPC Vehicle
- an unassigned ship from the list below = NPC Ship

NPC Ships: Fighter-Class, Lambda Shuttle, Sentinel Shuttle, Escort Shuttle and Drop Ship Transport.
NPC Vehicles: All Armed Vehicles, Skiffs and the Imperial Barge QH-1
Others: Unassigned Ships/Vehicles are simply empty.  

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Year 7 Day 319 16:26
Cern Dragoon

But now, can't you use a Pilot NPC to NPC a Ship nto on that list?

Year 7 Day 319 21:01
No. In fact it's the other way around, I believe - you will soon need NPC Pilots for your ships that are NPCable. I also suspect that those who cannot pilot ships, such as Hutts, will be able to use NPC pilots on board ships with them to fly for them.


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Year 7 Day 319 21:10
Cern Dragoon

Darn. That ruins my Longprobe Fleet Ideas... (lol)

Year 7 Day 320 4:07
Kirit are you sure this works for JM5K's? Because I had a few of them back in the days and that never worked at the time.


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Year 7 Day 320 4:18
Kirit Hin`Kirl

I'm not sure on anything in this place..

Year 7 Day 320 8:51
No, it doesn't work for JM-5000s. Their class was changed from fighter to freighter for that reason, since, while NPCable, they were essentially the most powerful fighters one could own.