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Archives » Nothing Importent Just wondering.
Year 7 Day 323 20:26
Trent Hackworth

As the Title says i was just Wondering how the SWC Codeing DB Kept DMs.
I just noticed that while i was not spawned yet someone Sent me a DM and when i spawned it was there waiting for me. Just a little odd.

Does it send them to the Name or something?

*I am wondering because i am a coder myself. :)*

Year 7 Day 324 12:59
I have no clue how the DB works, but since you can get DMs in hyper or any other time, I'm pretty sure its sent to your Handle, as we call it in the combine. If I remember what little coding I've been taught from MatLab, Handle is a fairly accurate description for it as far as programming goes.


Year 7 Day 324 14:31
Trent Hackworth

Tis a nice Idea for Codeing. Though it could do a number to the Database if to many MEssages were sent to a fake Handle.

Year 7 Day 324 23:29
Used to be it would just say that the handle didn't exist and then forget the message existed. Now it does the same thing without telling you that the handle doesn't exist. Plenty of checks and balances.