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Year 7 Day 325 13:13
Geno Krall

If I create an NPC on a ship that is owned by my faction, (from the days where you could do that) can I get it off that ship and on to one owned by me? I have ownership of the NPC, but can I add it to my party and move it around?

Thanks peeps,
Geno Krall

Year 7 Day 325 13:27
Trent Hackworth

Yah, Last time i looked you could.

Year 7 Day 325 13:49
Geno Krall

Oh, one more question:
When you enter a building and 'hire' an NPC, does it stay with you forever and you own it or does it leave after a period of time/or when you leave the planet?


Edited By: Geno Krall on Year 7 Day 325 15:12
Year 7 Day 325 16:20
It's just the new way of buying NPCs. It stays yours, just like if you'd bought an NPC the old way.



Year 7 Day 326 2:15
Geno Krall

Wow. That's fairly nifty. Well done to whoever programmed that. (If you're up there)

Year 7 Day 326 9:51
Verdre To

a question from me. I have an NPC with a good trading skill. how does this affect my fac income if the NPC is in my party?

Also one more. how do NPC's gain XP? Is it by walking etc?

Year 7 Day 326 12:41
It is only the facility operator's trading skill that affects facility income. NPCs and other party members have no effect on that.

NPCs do not yet gain XP, but they will in the future.



Year 7 Day 326 13:22
On that note, could you assign one of your NPCs as an operator? Not necessarily advocating this, but that would be an interesting twist.


Year 7 Day 326 15:02
No, you can only assign facilities to players and factions.