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Year 7 Day 329 11:10
Mazzic Keltesh

Ok this is soooo stupid and discouraging....you have to wait 15 mins!!!! just to move to the next tile? It takes me 5 hours and 15 minutes to get to a vehicle rental!!?? If everything in this game takes like forever.....no wonder there are online 2988 active members. For the 2 days I have checked this website I only see people leave....is the speed of the game the reason why? How can I speed things up so I can actually do something? I know a webbrowser game isn't supposed to be speedy, but waiting over 5 hours just to walk to a store across the sqaure is a bit much.

Year 7 Day 329 16:02
Travel will never be immediate, and while ships and vehicles are a bit faster than walking by foot, it is this way for a reason, so when combat is available you will not be killed in your sleep without having time to react. If you haven't got the patience for it, this may not be the game for you.



Year 7 Day 329 16:56
Mazzic Keltesh

Well I do, but 5 hours for one simple walk from A to B is a bit much. But is this a bug or can I do something about this myself: when I approach a store and exit my speeder, enter the store, and when I exit the store, I end up 30 mins away from where I entered! Isn't that a bit unlogical? Is there some way to exit right at the spot where I entered and left my bike? Would save me 30min doing nothing.

Year 7 Day 329 17:35
Its the first thing every new player complains about, and it does take some getting used to. Just hang in there. By the time you get the hang of this game, join a faction, and make some friends, travel will be nothing more than a minor inconvenience.


Year 7 Day 330 0:29
That is a known issue, with players ending up on another side of the facility from which they entered. Haven't heard anything about if and when it will be adjusted.



Year 7 Day 330 0:40
Mazzic Keltesh

Ah ok. Ehm I yet have another question, might as well ask it here instead of flooding the message board:

I have applied to join a faction. It says I will recieve a mail with more detailed info. Now this mail, will it be send to some inbox in this game or to the inbox of the adress I used to create this account?

And besides from waiting for my application to be processed, is there anything I can do in this newbie city? I mean ways to make money....do an assignment for someone?

Year 7 Day 330 9:05
Zero Turner

Best way is always the faction, but you could donate to the combine and purchase a ship and sell it, but I think its best to keep clicking the support links over time you can get a free ship and once in a faction they usually assign a ship for you.



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Year 7 Day 330 11:40
If you applied for the faction via the Combine interface they likely refer to your Darkness inbox. If you used a form on their website and entered an e-mail address, it'd be sent to that e-mail. You should have an e-mail address linked to your account which you can check regularly, though; you can set a preferred e-mail address in your account settings (it can be free).



Year 7 Day 330 12:18

You always leave a building at the same spot, top left corner of it's bordering tiles, so just make sure you always enter from there unless it's a building you can dock in and undock from, which most won't be.

Travel is slow, thats the way this game is. Play for a bit, if you don't like it then this just isn't the game for you. There are plenty of different games that move faster.


Year 7 Day 332 18:58
Sam Daaz

basically log in every other day...it's really not something you can keep clicking...trust me i tried it

Year 7 Day 332 19:54
Jerick Shaman

So... it takes 5 min to go from the square your at to the square right next to you?

Year 7 Day 332 20:19
Jerick Shaman

Also if that is the case then... and I don't mean to diss the game but doesn't that mean that whenever you get on, either you have a LOT of time on your hands... or you will only get on to make a movement from one place to the next and then get off if you have to be gone in 10 to 20 min to do something?

Year 7 Day 332 22:28

Timers in SWC progress whether or not you are logged in.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Year 7 Day 333 0:59
Exactly what Phryss said. Since your character stays "in-game" when you are logged off, it also keeps doing the thing you set him to do before you logged off, most of the time travelling.


Year 7 Day 333 19:37
Jerick Shaman

Ok... I can understand that. Is there a particular reason why our characters are always on even if we aren't logged on?

Thanks for the info!:-)

Year 7 Day 333 21:04
Trent Hackworth

Ummm...Yes. Its the way a RPG works. Unlike WoW and many other MMORPG games that bascially cheat and take you out SWC is very releastic and keeps you in game at all time.

Year 7 Day 334 1:37
You don't disappear if you go to sleep, do you? :)


Year 7 Day 334 16:32
Jerick Shaman

hehe... true, but this is a game, no need to get the two confused.;-) (this is more of a humorous post... but it may be dry humor ;-) )

Year 7 Day 334 17:48
You think this is a GAME?!?!

For a lot of us its like a second job we don't get paid for, yet we get more satisfaction and enjoyment out of it. ;)


Year 7 Day 335 20:57
Dayyn Gorvai

'tis true... only those dedicated are active members of the Combine.