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Year 7 Day 332 12:21
I just noticed that RM Inventory isn't identifying location entities as it ought to: Ships and facilities and stations containing RM piles are identified only by ID#, not by name or even type of facility ("Docked In Facility: (ID: 215328)"). Ships and facilities and stations all have their proper names in their respective Inventories.

Edited By: Valusa Zagnol on Year 7 Day 332 12:22
Year 7 Day 332 15:01

I believe this is intended, in order to prevent people from being able to track an entity across the galaxy by having a unit of duracrete in its cargo hold.


I dare you to make less sense.

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Year 7 Day 332 15:49
No, Phryss, this is not at all related to the issue of tracking a ship via a piece of Duracrete on it.

Take a look:



New Pile 58686
Usage: Transparisteel
Quantity: 12 Units
Weight: 96 T
Volume: 12 m3

Docked In Ship: (ID: 111629)
Sector: Bormea
Galactic Position: Chandrila (51, 66)
System Position: (7, 8)


The ship is thoroughly identified via ID number and located precisely in space--it's just missing its name. So this in no wise prevents my tracking the ship as long as it's got my Lommite on it.

Or consider this:



Eric Zahm
Usage: Transparisteel
Quantity: 275 Units
Weight: 2,200 T
Volume: 275 m3

Docked In Facility: (ID: 228251)
Sector: Farfin
Galactic Position: Abyss-Byss (-3, 16)
Planet Position: Byss (6, 12)
City Position: Port Byss (0, 0)
Ground Position: (15, 6)


Not only is the Facility not named, but its type--Warehouse, Factory, Mine, what have you--is not specified, as it used to be. Same with Station: No name, no specification as to Trading Station or Shipyard.

Year 7 Day 332 15:57
At least have the entity name/type for things that can't move (facilities/stations) so I don't have to spend 30 minutes cross checking RM locations with facility locations. This is just a hassle.


Owyn Darklighter
Year 7 Day 332 16:14

That is strange. Someone who can actually play with the code will have to look at this.


I dare you to make less sense.

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Year 7 Day 332 21:56
Bug fixed on dev, will appear here with the next sync. Sorry for the trouble.


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