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Year 7 Day 352 12:35
If Kyle made an honest mistake at the goading of an Imperial who convinced him it was a bug, which I believe to be the case, then it should be reversed.


Year 7 Day 352 22:00
Kyle Rainer

Sent an email to DeMeer about this to figure out what the exact rules should be on the matter.

If I did make a mistake then I'll fix it. I will mention though that those facilities wouldn't affect the controlling faction till another building was completed on the planet. My tool doesn't reset planet stats just changed the owner.

Year 7 Day 353 2:34
I wonder if it's a bug, would you wait for me to go to a market facility and then send the Semi-Detached House to the NPC Market database so I can be the only one to buy it? Just wondering.


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Year 7 Day 353 2:56

"You biased admin are cheating, I am both appalled and outraged. I demand you fix this!"..."Can you cheat for me?"


Year 7 Day 353 11:37
Rules and code match. Facilities should not go to the market and go to "npc owned" if they had no operator. However, if there was an operator or a supervisor, then this guy gets them.


Sim Master Veynom

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Year 7 Day 354 14:04
So these facilities should go back to NPC controlled ... Confirmed?

Year 7 Day 357 11:07
Hexx Harpy

No admin answer to Gawayne's question?


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Year 7 Day 358 15:01
yes, confirmed.


Sim Master Veynom

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