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Archives » I am Missing transaction logs Credits and CP
I was looking thru my credit transaction logs, and I am missing a transfer I sent to another player. It was sent about 30 days ago and it does not appear on my transaction sheets.

Also my CP transaction sheets are only one page.

Please advise


If i'm understanding you right what's happened is that after a certain amount of time you're transaction sheets get wiped. The CP page specifically states it shows only recent transactions and whilst the credit page does not I know from experience it gets cleared often. This would be something thats happened for a long time and is entirely normal, the administration have access to all event logs from the past if they need them however presumably for server reasons we don't.

If you're last transaction in each is from a certain date and there are none earlier then 30 days i'm guessing this is what's confused you.

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I have only been a member for about 40 days now. So that may be it. My CP transactions go back to day 318.

Where can I post for a credit transaction record?

Can find only one archived credit transaction for you.

50,000 credits to Alvin Cool on Y7 D309 with the message 'Investment opportunity.'


Kids these days!
thats what I was looking for. Thank you.

No worries.


Kids these days!
Lamy Homo

Is there any way we can get it so we can track our finances for longer than thirty days? Like a button somewhere in our Character settings that keep the numbers for X time instead of the static time we have now?


Lamy Homo

There isn't such an option. I imagine it's an issue of server load.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Aye, the archived events and transactions tables are massive. I've got some ideas for splitting them up into tables holding three months of records each, but haven't the time to play with it at the moment.


Kids these days!
Rogren Delcor

Instead of static time only, would there be a way to use number for those who don't have more than 2 transactions a month? An option to have it based on time or on number?

Sylis Farani

For those interested in keeping their financial records might it be possible to somehow create for instance an 'Export to spreadsheet' type option?

Rogren: Possible, but tricky from a programming POV.

Sylis: Reasonably easy.


Kids these days!
A few months ago I've had the idea of creating WS functions for events ... that would also allow you to locally save your transactions. I'll see how much I know about the code to implement something like that.


Lamy Homo

Rockin that would work for me too.


Lamy Homo