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Year 7 Day 355 8:47
Sylis Farani

Don't know if this is an already known thing or what but with the new (and lovely thanks) ability to select from the standard NPC race pictures I tried to set up some of my NPCs. I selected an image from the choices, update avatar etc and I get the dreaded red X.

Oddly enough it worked on some of them but not others. Broken link somewhere? Outdated image?

Help me build my harem dern it. :)

Year 7 Day 355 15:12
Alright, strange. First I was about to report having the exact same problem - where I'd select an image, it'd say Successful, and I'd go back to the NPC page, but the avatar just displayed as a broken image. But a few more tries (at the same image, no less) and it eventually worked. O_o

However, I do still have a problem where, if I just click Edit NPC without actually selecting an avatar, and go back to the NPC inventory page, the avatar will show up as a broken image, even though I never actually made any changes.

Also, male humans have an avatar that shows up twice, so one instance of it can probably be removed.

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Year 7 Day 355 15:27
Sylis Farani

Hmmm okay, I'll play around with that later. But I also notice that for my customs there doesn't seem to be a way to add a non-standard avatar. Is that part of the 'non-custom customs' update or a mistake?

Year 7 Day 356 9:56
Sylis Farani

Well I've been playing around with them and still no result. Red X's everywhere. A little right clicking and I found something that hopefully will help.

When I look at the properties of the Red X's most came up with:

or similar. I'm not 100%, but I'm guessing that the 17 is the race identifier. When I look at the properties of the images themselves I get:

So maybe somehow is the update not registering the last bit indicating the specific avatar?

Year 7 Day 358 15:04
I will check that.

Can you report it in the bug tracker, please.

17 = human race
npc_f4.jpg = 4th picture of female human (we call them "woman", don't we ?)


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