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Year 7 Day 357 2:28
Drako Kelinian

I bought a trunk back when i first started , Placed it on ship by carrying it in hand . now i need to move it but theres no option to equip it .I know theres been a lot of changes just wondering if this is a bug or just hasnt ben readded to the codes . thanks for any info

Edited By: Drako Kelinian on Year 7 Day 357 2:29
Year 7 Day 357 3:20
Kirit Hin`Kirl

Trunks now weigh 80 kilos, meaning that you need a high strength (4+) to move them. Either their weight was different before, or carrying capacity wasn't used back then.

Then again, there might be a bug :)

Year 7 Day 358 12:35
Xavze Zavan

Ya it was added some 4>5 months ago.You can see when your in "position" screen your character now has a weight and volume capacity..similiar to ships and what not.If you are not strong enough..you can't lift it anymore.

Edited By: Xavze Zavan on Year 7 Day 358 12:35

How would you like to pay income tax EVERY month?
Year 7 Day 358 13:33
Kirit Hin`Kirl

Although apparently, there's no slot to equip a trunk to. (haven't checked this myself, since I don't have one) Which would indeed be an oversight.

Year 7 Day 358 20:26
Eli Greenberg

What kirit says is true. There are no spots to equip it to :(


Year 8 Day 7 22:02
Kyle Rainer

The Trunk should be fixed now. Time to fill it with trunk monkies