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Archives » SHIPS/VEHICLES: A few quick questions.
Dayyn Gorvai

When someone is unassigned from something, will the person being unassigned recieve a message in their general events?

If you have a YT-1300 for example, how many NPCs can you have on the ship? Can more than 1 NPC be put on a space inside the ship?

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Year 7 Day 362 20:50
1. Yes, an event is received by the person being unassigned.

2. You can have Passengers - x, where "passengers" refers to the stat by that name found for each ship on the rules page, and where x = PCs already on board (1, if it's just the pilot). Yes, multiple NPCs can be located in the same room, provided the ship has sufficient passenger capacity.



Year 7 Day 362 20:58
Dayyn Gorvai

Ok, so if I understand this correctly, if the max passengers is 1, then only the pilot can be seated in the ship, and if the max passengers is say 6 then you can have the pilot and any number of NPCs/Droids under the weight limit for that ship?

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Year 7 Day 362 22:52

If the passenger limit is 5, then you can have 5 total of PCs, NPCs, and unpacked droids. Packed droids count against the cargo limits instead.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Year 7 Day 363 15:36
Dayyn Gorvai

Ah, I see. Thanks for the help.