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Year 8 Day 3 10:37
Adam Zad

Yesterday I went to go hire a few NPCs, just for the thrill of it. I hired myself a few ship greeters, a warship pilot, and two fighter pilots. So far so good, right? Unfortunately, it seems that one of my fighter pilots, whom I purchased to fly a fighter, is a Vratix, and guess what they can't do - that's right, they can't fly fighters.

Of course, if there hadn't been some sort of Galactic Equal Rights Legislation that made all hiring completely race-blind, I never would have hired a Vratix, since they are eminently unsuitable for the role of fighter pilot. I'd ask that the NPC Aaran Novastar be changed to another race, like Arcona.


Year 8 Day 3 10:52
Adam Zad

Since I'm at a Crew Quarters, I agreed to buy some NPCs for a friend, and this happened again. The Fighter Pilot Vasma Yissik is a Hutt, and last time I checked, Hutts can't fly fighters, while the Warship Pilot Latia Korpil is a Tusken Raider, and they can't fly anything.


Year 8 Day 3 11:40
that blows.



And From A Darkness I Descend
Clenching A Torch Of Sweet Revenge

Year 8 Day 4 3:13
Verdre To

there goes the fun...... perhaps you could use a shoe horn to get the hutt into the fighter. :)

As it stands this needs to be altered.

Year 8 Day 5 9:05
bugbase it if you haven?t already