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Year 6 Day 167 12:03
Barron Crial
Barron Crial
Can your charactor have a blaster or wepon to fight with? and is there any way to make easy millions?


Theres a snake in my boot.
Year 6 Day 167 12:10
Weapons: Not yet. For now, you're stuck brawling.

Easy Millions: If there was a way, would YOU tell anyone? Not that I know of any ways, I'm just offering a thought.

Year 6 Day 167 12:21
Well, one fairly quick way would be to donate money to SWC if you can afford it -- you receive 1,000 CPs for every $1 US (or foreign equivalent), which can then be exchanged for ships (or credits/vehicles, but ships are the most cost effective) which you can then sell. All donations go directly toward server costs.

Other ways to earn CPs would be by doing other tasks for the Combine - submitting descriptions (there's a link on pretty much every ship/vehicle rules page), planet descriptions, clicking the topsites links on Support the Combine page, GMing a White Scenario, art work for SWC, etc.

Other than that, you're basically stuck working for a faction, and working your way up gradually as most of us had to do. (: Typically factions provide you with a ship to use, so you really haven't got any immediate need for credits anyhow.