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Archives » I have an interesting problem
Year 8 Day 10 22:48
Vencenti Malcuro

I have linked the pic for my PC to another site. That said it never shows up, in itself that is understandable. However now the game will not let me change my profile to correct the mistake. Any time I try to fix the profile it tells me something about how the pic is not correct format and I need correct format.

I have placed a pic into the place in correct format but the system just reverts it back to the original and again I am told the pic is wrong. At this point I find there is but one answer. A glitch somewhere that is keeping me form changing my profile.

Is there anyway to fix this or Am I just going crazy.

Year 8 Day 10 22:59
What is the correct link you are trying to use? It needs to end with a .gif or .jpg extension. If you need hosting for it, you can e-mail the pic to me at syn@swcombine.com and I will upload it to my domain for you and convert the format if need be.



Year 8 Day 11 1:02
Vencenti Malcuro

I have done so once befor however, when the final appears it is as if I never made a change at all.

The system is in essence saying that nothing was placed in the fields to fix or correct the Profile in the first place.

this is the pick that I am trying to place up:



Year 8 Day 11 1:05
Vencenti Malcuro

and now it works because I placed a version of it on this site.

I wonder what will happen when this request is deleted. Oh well I give up, trying to understand websites and the way they work.

Year 8 Day 12 22:58
Vencenti Malcuro

need I say more, Corsec web site is down, and here is my result

Edited By: Vencenti Malcuro on Year 8 Day 12 22:58
Year 8 Day 13 1:40
Kirit Hin`Kirl

So host your image yourself. Or at an image hosting site such as imageshack.us or photobucket.com.

Year 8 Day 13 18:48
Or see my previous post.