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Year 8 Day 13 12:11
Ebo Ja

I am not sure if this is a bug or not that is why I brought it here instead of the bug base. If I remember correctly the production icon on the SpaceStation details page use to say the lenght of the ships that could be built by that station but now it doesnt. Has this changed or is it a bug with the icon?


Bound in a nutshell I am the king of infinite space.
Year 8 Day 13 13:34
Kirit Hin`Kirl

That's been gone for quite a while now. Instead there's a bit about it on the production page, though.
All ships may be built in shipyard space stations if the ship is the length of the station or smaller (doesn't apply to stations 3km or larger). Factories and factory stations are limited to ships less than 80 metres in length. 

Year 8 Day 14 4:16
Ebo Ja

Thanks Kirit!


Bound in a nutshell I am the king of infinite space.