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Year 6 Day 168 16:12
Barron Crial
Barron Crial
For this ship , it says it has a docking bay , if it does do you know how much it could or can hold? Do you think it could hold a Cloakshape?

Barron Crial

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Year 6 Day 168 16:44
Siolbaar Thorn
Siolbaar Thorn
Just curious, where could one find information about ships?

Year 6 Day 168 17:34
The Drop Ships Transport has a hangar bay designed to hold vehicles, not a docking bay, perhaps you are referring to another ship.

As far as carrying capacity, it is currently determined by comparing the weight and volume capacity of the larger ship to the weight and volume of the smaller ship/vehicle to determine whether or not the smaller can fit in the larger.

CR-90 Assassin-Class Corvette
Weight Cap: 2,500T
Volume Cap: 15,000m3
Has docking bay

So this ship can carry any other combination of ships so long as the total weight does not exceed 2,500 Tons or the total volume does not exceed 15,000 cubic meters.

Ship Rules Page

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Year 6 Day 168 18:53
Siolbaar Thorn
Siolbaar Thorn
I can't access the ship section for some reason, it says incorrect access or something.

Year 6 Day 169 1:43
Try going to and scrolling down to the Ships image.