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Year 6 Day 169 4:16
Just a little note of interest. A little while ago I was "accepted" into a faction for which I had never offered/requested membership. It wasn't a big deal, just a misunderstanding between myself and a friend, but it raises a serious issue. Is it possible that a less than scrupulous person could induct an unsuspecting person into their faction and then a/e them? I was freelance at the time. I hope that was part of the issue. Otherwise . . . What are those insurrance premiums running you Keir? I think they're about to go up. ;)


Year 6 Day 169 8:37
The only point at which someone can be "forced" into a faction is if they are freelance and the other person in question is creating a faction, in which case they can just add that person's name to their initial faction member list and that person will find themselves in the faction when it is created.

Yes, this can be abused (although the person would still need to know your location to a/e you), and yes, many people have suggested adjusting this so that the freelancer(s) in question must manually approve joining the faction, or something of the sort, since often players creating factions just randomly add freelancers they haven't even asked for permission to fill out their initial member quota.

However, if this is abused for such a purpose, it is highly unlikely that the a/e would not be reversed.. In fact, the person who did this would be punished for abusing the feature.