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Year 6 Day 170 11:09
Kevin Knight
Kevin Knight
Well i several times tried to send in descriptions for ships and vehicles.

I never got any response, or saw one being added.
Did i do something wrong?

Anyway, now this is up. I'd like to offer my help to the admin team in adding descriptions to ships, vehicles and wherever i can possibly help

I check in every day. If there is some intrest, you can send a PM to Kevin Knight, to ask for an msn addy or é-mail

Year 6 Day 170 12:33
The person responsible for descriptions has been busy due to RL events. He should be back within the next few days.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 170 13:09
Kevin Knight
Kevin Knight
ok, he'll probably read this topic when he gets back

Year 6 Day 170 14:57
A few things:

First, I couldn't help but notice that your avatar is rather.. feminine.. for someone with the name Kevin. You can set an avatar of your own under Manage -> Character. (:

Second, Keir is the one who handles descriptions, and he has stated that he typically does not respond to descriptions which he rejects due to the large volume of mail which would require a response, and due to his own lack of time when people ask him "Why did you not accept this/How can I fix this?" (His answer to those questions is typically along the lines of, "If I knew that, I would have written it myself." In other words, there aren't usually specific factors he looks for - he just approves descriptions which are suitable.)

As such, just keep in mind that descriptions should not include ship stats, or any substantial amount of canon information which might not be relevant here. You can look at approved descriptions (already on the rules pages) for some ideas.



Year 6 Day 171 9:12
Kevin Knight
Kevin Knight
thanks for the reply