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Archives » I need help with a custom item-image!
Tye Kalshnikov

Two days ago I submitted a custom image for a knife and it was approved yesterday, now I need to know how to get that custom image to replace the old one.
Please Help!

Edited By: Tye Kalshnikov on Year 8 Day 37 11:58
It should be automatic if you submitted the correct information. Have you tried looking at the knife to check?


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Phur Daggy

I have a similar problem - i.e. I've had a custom item accepted but when I go to position > items I don't see it listed there.

However, when I log on at work I do see it. So i suspect it is a browser related issue. I'll report it in the SWCombine Bugs form.

FYI - I run Firefox at home - can't remember what we have at work.

Tye Kalshnikov

Yes Hal I've tryed looking @ the knife to check.
I guess it is a browser-related issue.
thanks for reporting the bug for me Phur

Clearing your browser's cache should fix the problem then.


Tye Kalshnikov

What does that do?
And how do you do it?

Edited By: Tye Kalshnikov on Year 8 Day 39 10:59
How you do it depends on the browser and I am not sure which you use, but it is an option in your browser settings. It deletes all of the old images and site data that your browser stores to make website loading faster, so it can refresh that data.



Tye Kalshnikov

Thanks alot D00D(et)'s!