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Archives » Skill Req for Thrown/Explosives
Riax Tardes

What skill counts as the "Recommended Skill" for those two categories of weapons?

Sylis Farani

This could be wrong but I was told that the explosives skill would be a combination of Comp Ops and whatever 'Repair' that you are trying to detonate.

i.e. if you were trying to blow up a building it would be comp ops (setting detonator and wiring charges) and repair facilities (knowing what points on the building will cause the most structural damage)

Seemed to make sense to me.

No idea on thrown though, just a complete guess, Dex?

Year 8 Day 48 11:32
If it were me making a decision on how thrown skill would work, it would be based off of a combination of dex and strength. Of course I have no idea how the combine team actually plan to implement thrown skills in reality, and with combat still somewhat far off it's possible they don't either (or if they do have some idea, that they not going to share it with us until they've already programmed in the mechanics).

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Year 8 Day 48 11:50
Riax Tardes

The rules do not seem very clear to me.

I understood the "recommended skill" counts speciffically for accuracy and fire delay for all weapons.

There is a skill requirement for every weapon. If your character does not meet the requirements for every level he lacks he loses 15% accuracy and takes 1 fire delay longer to reload. 


In the rules, there is repair skill for damage equation, comp ops + perception for chance of setting up the bomb. But it does not say that any of these skills is recommended.


Grenade ranges are given by strength and dex, but it does not say if these are the recommended skills for accuracy.

As far as I know there is no great emphasis on this as combat is not in yet, even though people cannot prepare their stats for when it is around. Try searching through some old threads, I remember something about this being brought up before


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