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Archives » Something doesn't add up about the force rules...
Keibak Aruu

I was watching ROTS today and realized something about the force rules that dont work well.

In the rules, it basically makes me understand that if you learn a dark power it eliminates the lightside power that one may have. And Vice Versa. In the movie, Palpatine told Anakin that a force user should learn all its powers and mystery. So, shouldn't a Jedi or Sith or whoever be able to use both Dark and Lightside Powers? I know that there is a meter, but the meter can be changed based on the power you use the most.

As far as Facet Points. Obviously this limits a Force user's ability to use the force to its fullest, and I can see why it would be done that way. But, Anakin would learn more and more powers as time went on. He was never limited to Facet Points. So my question is, why is it not possible to gain more Facet points? And it doesn;t make sense that when you reach level 16 or something, you only get 75 facet points thats divided into the four categories, which means that would be like 21 FP's per category and that would limit you to only one skill of each category. It just doesn't seem right. Maybe I am misunderstanding the rules or something. But I always thought that the force is always learnable.

Personally, I think that most of the normal and neutral force powers should be allowed to be trained without the cost of Facet Points, such as:

Insight, Lightsaber parry, Jedi Mind Trick, Premonition, Force Grip, Force Push, Force Leap, Lightsaber attack, Jedi Arts, Lightsaber Deflection, force detection, and construct lightsaber.

Those seem to be the standard powers a force user has after being trained. But in addition to those, many learn other Force powers such as lightsaber throw, or fear or all those other goodies.

I am just thinking of this becouse it might take someone to reach level 156 before they become Force Sensitive, but they would not be able to learn any force powers. Granted the force is not a major part of the game, but it is something to consider.

Maybe I mis-understood the rules, but someone can help me.


force rules are being redone and are not up to date on rulespages.


1) As DeMeer said, Force rules are being worked on.

2) Palpatine could well have been lying.

3) There are limitations that must be imposed on a game that are not present in the movies. Balance must be maintained, the game engine must be considered.


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This should really go in Suggestions, rather than in General Questions, since your question is about changing the rules rather than asking how they work. (:



Keibak Aruu

Ok, I did that. Sorry once again :(

You could delete or lock this thread. Sorry for the inconvenience.


No problem.