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Year 8 Day 51 13:36
Rhys Tsui Hark


I have went on IRC and either couldn't get a respond or couldn't give me a answer.

In the starting location area it says you can start on the world of the faction you have joined. But the only option I have been given is my homeworld.

Did I do something wrong or does something need to be done?

thank you

Year 8 Day 51 14:20
Kirit Hin`Kirl

Perhaps the faction doesn't have a powered headquarters, or it's not assigned to them.

Year 8 Day 51 17:48
Rhys Tsui Hark

I don't know...its the GE. One person in the swc help(Khan) said it should be doable but someone from the GE had to do something first. I didn't really understand what he meant(I am a noob). So he actually went in the empire help to talk to someone but nobody responded.

Rhys Tsui Hark

Khan told me the Empire needs to be assigned as a manager of any hq's they wish new members to start in. whatever that means. if that helps anybody.


Year 8 Day 52 1:05
Kirit Hin`Kirl

Only the owner of the headquarters can do that, so the empire itself.

Year 8 Day 54 19:14
Keibak Aruu

Did the Empire approve your application?


Year 8 Day 54 21:08
Rhys Tsui Hark

Yeah...I have been in the academy for about a week now.

Year 8 Day 55 17:54
You didn't do anything wrong and there is nothing you can do about it. As Khan said, if an HQ facility is not assigned to the faction, you can't start at it. The Empire would need to fix this, not you.