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Year 8 Day 53 15:09
Wes Reed

Why cant we get Art items on the CP exchange? I checked the items, cp bonus, So what gives? I want to get come art.

Year 8 Day 53 16:08
If you read the page, it says:

Credits, Ships and Vehicles are now implemented. 

When you're standing on a planet surface I recall it saying something about "all other exchanges are disabled at the moment." This was the same coding issue that was responsible for part of the delay in the CP droids.

Since there is a lot of work being done on making items work properly, and implementing an inventory for them, I imagine any CP items will be delayed until work is finished and we have full and proper functionality.


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Year 8 Day 54 10:32
Wes Reed

I already knew about it being disabled, I jaust wanted to know why. What is the ETA on items being implemented?

Year 8 Day 54 15:24
You would have to ask the person who is working on items eh



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Year 8 Day 54 15:32
Wes Reed

Who is that miss. Ranma

Year 8 Day 54 16:26
From memory, I think the bunny posted that simnews post.



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